December 11, 2007

Andrew O’Keefe gets his tonight show

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Andrew O’Keefe has been given the green light for the late night program that he piloted earlier this year. There’s a catch however – it’s only going to be shown on the high definition channel.

Andrew O’Keefe

O’Keefe describes the show as “something like Rove meets Hammer House of Horror”.

Is O’Keefe over-exposing himself? He’s definitely shaping up as the new Eddie Everywhere. His current commitments include regular gigs on Deal or No Deal, The Rich List and Weekend Sunrise.


November 8, 2007

Shelley Craft leaves The Great Outdoors

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Channel Seven have issued a statement confirming the departure of Shelley Craft from the Great Outdoors. She has been a reporter on the travel show since 2001 following stints on Saturday Disney, Perfect Match, Guinness World Records and various sporting event telecasts.

Shelley Craft
Shelley Craft

“Reporting for The Great Outdoors is a dream job but it’s also hard work. I’ve given it six wonderful years and now and feel I’ve achieved everything I could within the role. I’m incredibly proud of the stories that I’ve done but now I’m looking forward to a change, some new challenges and seeing the world in my own time.”

I can’t really say that this is bad news. No, it’s not that I don’t like her – in fact it’s quite the opposite. I reckon she’s great. She has a really nice, warm personality and lights up the screen on every television show where she appears. I’m hoping that her departure from the Great Outdoors might mean that she will be given roles on some half-decent shows that I might actually bother to watch. One can dream.

October 16, 2007

Seven begins HD programming, slams Nine’s Olympics bid

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The word is that Channel 7 has started to do a bit of alternative programming on it’s HD channel.

Luckily What’s on the Tube was paying attention as seven decided to show a movie (25th hour) instead of Boston Legal. There were also little snippets of info about the channel told by seven personalities throughout the ad breaks.

7 HD Ident

I’m guessing by the very little fanfare that this is just a sort of testing period at this stage before they officially launch the thing full boar very soon.

Check out more screen captures at What’s On The Tube and keep a sly eye on 7HD for the next little while..

Meanwhile, Seven spokesperson Simon Francis has responded to David Gyngells spruiking on Nine’s successful 2012 Olympics bid by saying that it was an “ego-driven bid by a new chief executive seeking to plaster over a troubled network”. Seven claims that Nine has paid a much too high a price for The Games than they’re actually worth and won’t receive a satisfactory ROI.

With all this Olympic rights hoo-haa going on, I can’t get my head around the fact that it is 5 years away. I know it’s important to plan ahead but we as the public aren’t going to see the real result of this until a 2 week period in 5 years. Perhaps a little bit overkill at this stage..

October 6, 2007

National Bingo Night.. (i.e. Deal or No Deal for dummies)

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Channel 7 have begun airing some promos for its new television show called ‘National Bingo Night’ which will begin on Sunday 21st October. The program will be hosted by ex Home and Away star Tim Campbell and Renee Bargh, who was a contestant from some failed channel 10 popstars ripoff called Girlband.

Bingo hosts - Tim Campbell & Renee Bargh
National Bingo Night hosts – Tim Campbell & Renee Bargh

So, the premise of the show. Well I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t seen it or anything. But it sounds very much to me like um.. Bingo? Bingo. You’re probably thinking right now (I know I was) – how is bingo supposed to work on television? The program is based on an American format so I went and did a little bit of research (okay, just Wikipedia).

Apparently in the American version there are these ‘stunt games’ where a featured solo studio contestant plays games that involve guessing whether the next number will be higher, lower, odd, even, red, black, etc.

This game really smacks to me of Cash Bonanza. What a ridiculous concept. I thought television couldn’t get any more dumbed down. In the states the show debuted at number 3 in its timeslot behind Dr. Phil and Dateline.. sounds like a winner.

In a time when it seemed Seven could do no wrong, they seem intent on proving me wrong. Memo to channel 9, schedule a half decent program on Sunday nights up against this garbage. Heaven help us all if bingo wins its timeslot.

Oh, and my title idea came courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel.

October 1, 2007

Chris Mainwaring, Channel 7 sports reporter dies

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In developing news, on Monday morning, former West Coast Eagles dual premiership player, Chris Mainwaring has passed away in his home of a suspected drug overdose. He is survived by his wife and two children; he was 41.

Chris Mainwaring (1965 - 2007)

After his onfield football career had ended, Chris worked at Channel 7 in Perth as a sports reporter and weekend sports newsreader.

This is very sad news for the club, Western Australia and the AFL community in Australia.

September 27, 2007

Channel 7 Perth in trouble with ACMA over Zoo commercial

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Channel 7 Perth have been told off by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over an incident concerning a commercial for Zoo magazine.


But ACMA did not find that the commercial breached the code, rather it was the way Channel 7 handled a consumer complaint. ACMA found that the Zoo commercial contained “no depictions of sexual behaviour or nudity and did not exceed the guidelines for PG programming.” However, Channel Seven breached clause 7.12 of the code because it “failed to advise the complainant that they may refer the matter to ACMA if not satisfied with the licensee’s response.” (I’m quoting a lot here because of the somewhat jargonistic nature of the legal stuffs)

So basically the ad was fine but Seven’s complaints handling procedure was not.

This comes after Channel 9 were caught out for a similar breach a few weeks ago. ACMA investigated a complaint levelled at Bert’s Family Feud over sexual references, but found the network to have not breached the code. However just like Seven, Nine did not follow the complaints procedure properly as spelt out in 7.12 of the code by not responding to the complaint within 30 working days or advising the complainant that they could take the issue up with ACMA.

Bert’s Family Feud

You’d think that when one network gets in trouble (Nine) that the others (Seven) would pay particular attention and make sure that they aren’t committing similar offences.

Apparently not. Serves them right.

September 26, 2007

Kate Ritchie has had enough of Home and Away

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Well that makes two of us (but that’s not the point of this post).

After 20 years on the show since its pilot in 1987, Kate Ritchie, the actor who plays Sally Fletcher has decided that there is more to life than Home and Away.

Kate Ritchie

Lately Ritchie has been quite busy with other media commitments including co-hosting It Takes Two (she wasn’t brilliant) and on Nova radio’s drive program with Akmal

A Gold Logie winner, Ritchie is mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records with co-star Ray Meagher for the longest running characters in an Australian television drama (no, she can’t juggle ten balls with her mouth whilst unicycling on a tight rope and knitting a woolly jumper).

Kate said today: “I have been blessed with a job that I have loved for the past 20 years and I wouldn’t take back one moment of my time on Home And Away but I feel that it is time for change.”

Miss Sally will finish recording mid-December with her last episode to air next April.


September 25, 2007

Legendary Moments – Brownlow Edition

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As part of this years Brownlow telecast, Stephen Curry and Dave Lawson of the Toyota ads fame (see Francis Bourke ad here) did a little ‘bit’ showing some not-so-legendary moments.

Moments shown include: Dermott Brereton showing some love, Malcolm Blight sealing a nice point and James Hird bench pressing his kids.


September 18, 2007

Seven pull out of Big Brother

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Did they really want this program anyway? It had its day about 5 seasons ago. Apparently they had really great big plans for the show. Yeah I believe that, sure. Like this show is ever going anywhere. Aren’t we sick of watching random people do nothing except talk utter garbage for hours on end.

Big Brother
Another great moment in Big Brother…

How about investing in some real programming instead.. maybe some inventive Australian situation comedy. That’s what I’d like to see.

The Spy Report

September 14, 2007

Andrew O’Keefe, Jennifer Hawkins to Nine?

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A couple of interesting reports in Sydney Confidential (The Daily Telegraph) recently about two of the Seven networks bigger stars possibly on the move.

It’s been reported that O’Keefe is apparently not so happy about his talk show not getting up and may be willing to move networks to make it happen. This would be really great news for Nine, O’Keefe is possibly Seven biggest name and best talent. Deal or No Deal would probably really struggle without him and I imagine may even be canned as a result. Strategically this would be a massive boost for Channel Nine who have struggled for a couple of years now with its National Nine News lead-in programs.

 Andrew O’Keefe

Ex-Miss Universe is looking for less powder puff bikini travel show roles and could possibly move to Nine if they were to offer her something that perhaps focuses a little bit more on her personality. An outcome is expected as early as next week on this one.

Jennifer Hawkins
Photo: Vince Caligiuri

I’d say that these two are bit too important for Channel 7 to lose. I reckon they’ll put out all stops to prevent them defecting to the enemy.

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