December 29, 2007

The Year 2007 in Review

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:58 am by Give Me The Remote

.. or not.

Everyone else seems to be making lists and reviews left, right and centre. I never read any of them, so I figure I won’t bore you with my own.

Talking Television has a nice series on the ‘Year that Was’..

TV Tonight has a multitude of posts about the year from dead people to yearly network reviews

Give Me The Remote has nothing (yeah, I know, pointless self promotion)

However, I will say this. My most popular post by a country mile since this blog begun has been this one about ‘The Mint’ and how dodgy the games on it are. Like 3-4 times as many hits as the next best. What does this tell me? A stack of people are really annoyed about the fact that this program is an absolute scam. But seriously folks, was it any worse than National Bingo Night? Actually I think they’re probably just about as bad as each other.

The Mint wishes you a Happy New Year


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  1. TelevisionAU said,

    Thanks for the plug mate but i think the link needs to be fixed

    Thanks for an awesome blog this year, have a Happy new year! cheers!

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