December 11, 2007

Victoria Bitter (VB) – Warnie

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The new Victoria Bitter has hit our screens in time for the summer cricket season proper. Following on from the popular Boonie and Beefy dolls of last year and the original Boonie doll the year prior, VB have created a Warnie doll.

The Warnie ad begins with Mr and Mrs Warne giving birth to the great man Shane – all played by Shane himself. The narration begins – “A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer and we’d like to raise one right now, to Australia’s favourite son – Warnie. Yep, when it came to tormenting the top order, Shane had ’em by the balls.” Cut to a shot of two insane batsmen in a padded cell.

VB - Warnie
Mr and Mrs Warne

“Sure, his middle name may be Keith, but the Sultan of Spin could get almost anything to turn.” As a shot appears of Boonie drinking in the pub dressed up in green and gold drag. “Now the great man may have hung up the box. But we can still toast him with an ice cold beer and the best cold beer is VB.”

VB - Warnie

Apart from it being another great ad, the main thing that stood out to me with this piece was the last word (letters) spoken – VB. The slogan is/was “and the best cold beer is Vic.” Is this some sort of new branding rule in all advertising communications?

The advertisement was created by GPY&R Melbourne with creative direction from Ben Coulson and production by Prodigy Films.

Check out the ad:

Check out the website for more information about obtaining your own Warnie doll –


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  1. Tasweb said,

    I’ve pulled my VB Warnie apart in an attempt to find out how he works. You can view the photos and my comments at

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