December 2, 2007

How good is summer TV this year?!!

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Let me just clarify something first.. I seem to always love summer TV. I think it’s all the dodgy comedy that don’t usually rate too well. It’s the comedy’s that are either really ridiculous/stupid or a bit too biting to make it in the cruel ratings season.

30 Rock
Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin

Okay, but having said this.. summer TV looks sooo good this year!!! I’m excited… Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer:

  • 30 Rock – I really thought that this program deserved a ratings period timeslot.. but obviously there’s a bit of a lack of faith in this one to be a ratings killer.. but it’s Emmy award winning! It’s on twice a week.. which personally I think is too much.. it’s sort of like saying ‘We just want to get this program over and done out of the way’ (Monday 10:30pm, Wednesday 10:30pm Seven)
  • The Big Bang Theory – I really have no idea how good or bad this will be but I have a feeling that it’ll be trashy American sitcom.. should be  interesting, no less. (Monday 7:30pm Nine)
  • Kid Nation – Controversial in the US.. curious to see how it goes over here… dodgey timeslot (Friday 7:30pm Ten)
  • King of Queens – This has been Nine’s staple Temptation replacement for the past couple of years. I always have a ball watching this one. The jokes are stupid, but Jerry Stiller is funny. (Weeknights 7:00pm Nine)
  • Weeds – Well this one was already going.. but at least they’re keeping it on. (Monday 10:30pm Nine)
  • Men in Trees – and so it returns.. another one of those US programs that Nine didn’t give enough of a chance. (Wednesday 7:30pm Nine)
  • The Starter Wife – based on the novel, filmed in Australia, stars Debra Messing.. nominated for 10 Emmys.. about a 41 year old lady who is forced to fend for herself (and her kid) after her rich film husband abandons her (Wednesday 8:30pm Ten)
  • Cane – very decent show.. starring Jimmy Smits.. sort of Cuban/American Godfather style thing about warring families in the rum/sugar business in Florida (Wednesday 9:30pm Ten)
  • American Dad – it’s about time that some of Seth MacFarlane’s work got back on our telly screens. I actually prefer this one to Family Guy (Thursday 10:00pm Seven)
  • Friends – not my thing.. but for such a ratings hit of its time, I’m surprised that it’s taken this long to come back to our screens (Sunday-Friday 7:00pm Ten)
  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics – very similar to the singing bee (mixed with a bit of Who wants to be a Millionaire).. hosted by Wayne Brady.. (Sunday 7:30pm Ten)

 Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory – Kaley Cuoco and Simon Helberg

Not a bad summer lineup really.. can’t wait to check some of this stuff out.


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