November 19, 2007

SBS announces Aussie version of Top Gear

Posted in SBS one at 8:26 pm by Give Me The Remote

Very excellent news today with SBS announcing that they will be making a local version of Top Gear. It will be.. wait for it.. ‘uniquely and quintessentially Australian’. Quintessentially is such a long word. So yeah, it’s not just going to replicate the UK version in other words.

Top Gear
Top Gear hosts – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

Possible segments?

A race between a Smith St tram and a car? (The tram would have to be given a days head start)

Maybe a weekly segment.. Ford v Holden

Instead of racing Lamborghinis and Ferraris, pit a souped up Hilux against an XR8.

Actually I have been a bit of a fan of the Channel 9 car shows over the years. There’s probably some good stuff there that SBS can steal. Research, whatever.

Jeremy Clarkson

I love Jeremy Clarkson’s quote “I’m delighted that Top Gear is going to Australia. Maybe the first guest could be Jonny Wilkinson.”

Only after Shane Warne appears on your version buddy.



  1. techau said,

    I wonder who will be the Aussie Stig ?? The Australian version will no doubt have much smaller budget. I doubt we’ll see the same kind of useless but very entertaining comparisons between car and (insert anything here, plane, dog, etc).

    Still I’ll definitely be checking it out. I really hope it’s successful, but that success will be largely dependant on the personalities of the hosts.

  2. andre antoniou said,

    hi topgear ozz will be great hope thay do some off road stuff “truggys,offroad trucks,buggys” and the boy that make them like thornebuilt engineering “darren thorne” and drives like greg gartner in his ford f100 offroad truck .
    and a battle of the detailers would top it off .

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