November 12, 2007

Ford – Backyard Series Cricket

Posted in Advertisements at 1:58 pm by Give Me The Remote

Ford have produced a couple of cheeky cricket advertisements to plug their Backyard Series Cricket promotion. The two advertisements feature current Australian cricketers Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Andrew Symonds and Michael Hussey.

The first spot, entitled ‘Whose Rules?’ begins with Clarke nicking a ball to the fence. Hayden claims that he’s out, automatic wickey, Symonds looks confused and Hussey agrees with Hayden. Hussey says ‘Rules are rules’ and Symonds retorts, ‘oh yeah, whose rules?’ A staring contest follows before Bill Lawry’s head appears out a window saying ‘Hey boys, I think this means war.’

 Ford Backyard Series Cricket

The second spot, ‘One – Zip’ begins with rain pouring down in the backyard. Hussey insists that it’s fine to play, whereas Clarke doesn’t want to play in the wet and Symonds doesn’t want to play because they ‘keep changing the rules all the time.’ After a second sledge from Hayden about him being a ‘pretty boy’, Clarke gets up and says ‘I’m going to Bill’s’ (Lawry). Symonds gets up and follows as the other boys make ‘oooo’ sounds and Hussey says ‘That’s one zip then.’

Ford Backyard Series Cricket

If you’ve been watching the cricket then I’m sure you’ve already seen these two advertisements a gazillion times. I think I’m sick of them already. Here they are:

The ads are plugging this fancy website thingamy where you can do lots of fun stuff or something.. check it.. here.



  1. flo prosser said,

    what excellent advertisements
    keep them coming , it gives you a good laugh
    top guys doing the ads

  2. Cayne Age 9 said,

    Really like the ads and the cricket. Am very disappointed that I am not able to enter the cricket competition and I really want to enter for myself and my cricket club which is PINTS, Darwin.

  3. elaine stewart said,

    I am a 73 old great-grandmother who absolutely adores the new backyard cricket ads. What brilliant, creative man/team devised such a truly fun series and there isn’t a man/boy or girl/woman over the age of 30 who doesn’t remember back yard cricket when they were growing up. Take a bow for the whole series – we count the days till the next one comes on. I would even buy a Ford I’m so impressed.

  4. a teacher from Victoria said,

    The advertisements are great!… but seriously, you should have about 10 different ones to give more variation. And Pleeeeease! let Hayden out of that commentary box… his time IS up with that particular ad and his crackin deals!

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