November 11, 2007

Erin McNaught to join Neighbours

Posted in Network Ten at 9:04 pm by Give Me The Remote

Erin McNaught, former Australian representative for the Miss Universe pageant, has signed a lease to move into Ramsay St.

You may remember that McNaught was a controversial contestant in the Miss Universe after it was discovered that she had posed topless for lads magazine ‘Zoo Weekly’. She was still allowed to compete in the contest, however she earned the (very creative) nickname of Erin ‘McNaughty’.

Erin McNaught

She has since gone on to host the late night channel 10 geek show ‘Cyber Shack’ where she smiles lots and talks about gadgets.

.. and no, of course this post wasn’t just an excuse to post a picture of the very um.. nicely proportioned Miss McNaught.


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  1. jim said,

    Wow – Erin. Wow – isnt she just Australia!!!

    So – that being the case:

    Brissie on the elbow, Sydney the hips, Melbourne – the inner thigh. And As for Adelaide – bang smack in the …

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