November 8, 2007

Shelley Craft leaves The Great Outdoors

Posted in Seven Network at 10:07 am by Give Me The Remote

Channel Seven have issued a statement confirming the departure of Shelley Craft from the Great Outdoors. She has been a reporter on the travel show since 2001 following stints on Saturday Disney, Perfect Match, Guinness World Records and various sporting event telecasts.

Shelley Craft
Shelley Craft

“Reporting for The Great Outdoors is a dream job but it’s also hard work. I’ve given it six wonderful years and now and feel I’ve achieved everything I could within the role. I’m incredibly proud of the stories that I’ve done but now I’m looking forward to a change, some new challenges and seeing the world in my own time.”

I can’t really say that this is bad news. No, it’s not that I don’t like her – in fact it’s quite the opposite. I reckon she’s great. She has a really nice, warm personality and lights up the screen on every television show where she appears. I’m hoping that her departure from the Great Outdoors might mean that she will be given roles on some half-decent shows that I might actually bother to watch. One can dream.


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