November 7, 2007

Ten’s ‘rapid cuts’ (subliminal ads) go unpunished

Posted in Network Ten at 3:36 pm by Give Me The Remote

How’s this for ridiculous. Channel 10 aren’t going to get in trouble by ACMA over their ARIA award subliminal advertising because nobody has laid an official complaint.

ARIAs 2007

Check out this media watch report for background:

Channel 10 reckons that ‘rapid cuts’ are often used in music presentations. “Claims that our ARIA’s nominations packages included subliminal or near-subliminal advertising are incorrect,” said Margaret Fearn, a spokesperson for Ten.

So here’s the big question.. does subliminal advertising work?

Heaps of people will tell you that it’s brainwashing and really devious. Others will tell you that it doesn’t work and that it’s a ridiculous concept. Tests haven’t really been totally conclusive on this one. But they have been conclusive enough to make this sort of thing illegal (since 1958 in fact).

Absolut subliminal
Can you see the ‘hidden’ message?

Personally I’m not a big believer in the effectiveness of subliminality. If I were in advertising I would much prefer to use an approach that is a bit more obvious. Just the regular product placement works better than flicking something up that your eyes may or may not have caught.

Anyway, regardless of this, I think it’s really quite funny that ten are going to get away with it just because nobody has complained.




  1. Andrew said,

    nobody has complained… yet! 🙂

  2. I noticed the near-subliminal Telstra flashes during the Aria nomination read outs. I thought it was weird that 10 had attempted something like that. I’m curious as to how much Telstra paid for a split-second of air-time.

  3. jim said,

    Wasnt watching – and the more Ten try this – the less I’ll watch.

    Do you hear that Ten – I’m switching over…..seriously

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