November 1, 2007

The Librarians.. was a bit rubbish

Posted in ABC1 at 2:02 pm by Give Me The Remote

I’m at pains to say.. but this show really didn’t strike much of a chord with me. The cast list is great.. how much more of a leg up can you get? A nice handful of very well accomplished comic actors in Australia, but the laughs for me just weren’t there.

Robyn Butler’s character, Frances O’Brien is definitely cringeworthy in parts, bit of a nod to David Brent, but overall I don’t think she quite pulls it off. I’m already really starting to get sick of the Dawn character (the accident prone wheelchair chick). A wheelchair constantly running over people doth not a comedy make. Josh Lawson’s character ‘Lachlan’ has potential.. I can see some funny jokes coming from his dyslexia and nice guy persona. Ky is a really likeable character as well.. but really didn’t see enough of him or ‘resident poet’ Matthew. Nada’s (the muslim) role in the library seems to be to glare and roll her eyes at every (extremely) racist comment that Frances makes regarding people of Middle Eastern appearance  – and there were a few. Oh and for the record I didn’t really need to see Wayne Hope’s character (Terry, Frances’ husband) masturbating in the shower. ew.

Ky and Matthew from the Librarians
Librarians Ky Lee and Matthew Bytnskov

Perhaps I might give it a week. Yeah I probably should, it’s Aussie after all.. and the cast… the cast. I think it’s got a lot of improving to do if it wants me watching episode 3.



  1. ozjd said,

    that was my impression too. which was a bit of a disappointment. might be worth returning for one more visit often the first episode is the worst.

  2. What about Bob Franklin!? He’s gold in anything he does.

    My theory for why the show wasn’t LOL-worthy: chicks ain’t funny.

    I’m still gonna tune in next week.


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