October 26, 2007

Newstopia.. genius.

Posted in SBS one at 12:43 pm by Give Me The Remote

The third episode of this grand new program aired on Wednesday and after a small blip in episode two, I reckon this one’s back on track and as good if not better than episode numero uno.

For those who stick to the big 4 television networks, this one’s hidden away on SBS. But really it’s quite simple. When you’ve finished watching the ABCs Wednesday funny lineup at 10, you just head to SBS for the last half hour.

Shaun Micallef hosts Newstopia
Shaun Micallef in Newstopia

The program is new satire. It’s everything that The Nation wasn’t. But mainly it’s snappier.. and well.. funnier. Whereas the Nation was a sort of slow 60 minute show with hit and miss regular interview guests (news, entertainment, sport), Newstopia is prepackaged into a tightly crafted nifty little show.

The man behind the program, Shaun Micallef is definitely not everyone’s perfect ideal of humour.. but he is mine. The program also guests a lot of familiar Australian comedy faces.. Nicholas Bell, Ed Kavalee, Roz Hammond, Kat Stewart, Bob Franklin, Ben Anderson. My favourite bits of Newstopia are when he’s introducing a story and then suddenly chucks in an unexpected one-liner, which is more often than not.. dodgy.

Here’s a couple of grabs that I extracted from this weeks episode..

Newstopia airs Wednesday 10:00pm on SBS.


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  1. ozatheist said,

    I’m not really with you on this one. I’ve watched 2 of the episodes so far and haven’t found much to laugh at. I found it a bit ‘forced’.

    As you say, it’s a good time slot. As with a lot of shows, it sometimes takes a few episodes for all the actors to get in the swing of things. So I’m giving it the benefit of doubt and I’ll probably keep watching it

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