October 26, 2007

Cricket Australia ‘Hungry For It’ campaign

Posted in Advertisements at 11:58 am by Give Me The Remote

Cricket Australia has created a couple of new advertisement promoting the upcoming summer cricket season in Australia. The theme of the ads is ‘Hungry For It’ and they depict the dedication required not only by the players, but the fans as well.

The first advertisement is a re-enactment by current Australian cricketer Michael Clarke of the famous Donald Bradman footage where the Don is hitting a golf ball up against a wall with a cricket stump. He doesn’t do too bad a job at it at all really.. it’s not the easiest practise method.

Michael Clarke recreating Bradman
Michael Clarke recreating the ‘Bradman’ practise method

The advertisement is narrated by a fan on a train..

Us two are pretty similar
You wouldn’t think it to look at us
We’re both dedicated to the game
Just in different ways
Him, he practises methodically, relentlessly
As a fan, I’ll be waiting for that moment
That moment he walks out onto the pitch

The second spot features Australian pace bowler Nathan Bracken practising his thing. It begin with Nathan placing a marker (ten cent coin) on a cricket field that he then proceeds to try and hit with the bounce of his bowling delivery. He misses a few times before finally upsetting the thing, at which point he simply goes back to his box balls and grabs another one.

Nathan Bracken
Nathan Bracken keeps practising as the sun sets

The narration in this one is done by a lady standing inside a cricket stadium (looks like the MCG?). These are her words:

There’s an unspoken law between a player and a fan
He trains until it hurts
And in return, we watch every ball of every game
You see, for him, it doesn’t matter how many wickets he takes
He’ll always want just one more.

The ads were developed by Cricket Australia’s advertising agency, Leo Burnett Melbourne. Talking about the Bradman re-enactment, Leo Burnett GM, Patrick Rowe said: “The whole film crew had a go but no-one could make contact more than three times in a row. Clarkey was the best at it by a mile.”

Funny that.


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