October 25, 2007

Fox commissions more episodes of Back to You

Posted in Network Ten at 5:28 pm by Give Me The Remote

Good news for fans of Kelsey Grammer, his new sitcom seems to be doing okay in the US. By doing okay, I mean okay – not great, not terrible. The first episode rated a really promising 9.4 million, however it has since pulled about a 7 million average.

The show, which also stars Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) is about a couple of news anchors who work great on telly but are not quite best friends off screen. Sound similar to Anchorman? The show actually also stars the extra-talented Fred Willard who was the news boss in Anchorman and also had a regular role in Everybody Loves Raymond. Small world?

Back To You
Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton & Fred Willard

So it sounds like a show that works. Grammer has won 5 Emmys, Heaton has 2 and Burrows (the director) has been nominated for an Emmy every year since 1980 (exclusing 1997). I’ve seen bits of it and it looks like a nice little show.

Channel 10 have picked it up – it sounds like it would suit their sort of target demographic. Expect to see it early 2008.. or whenever you like on YouTube.



  1. Fred Willard is a comedic genius.

  2. cigigevonia said,

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    Can anyone help me?

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