October 21, 2007

Press Club cut Channel 9 debate feed over worm

Posted in Nine Network at 10:13 pm by Give Me The Remote

A bit of excitement tonight concerning the 2007 Leaders Debate. But predictably it did not result from what Mr Rudd or Mr Howard were saying. However, there was a small argument 40 minutes in that resulted in Mr Howard raising his voice just a tad and telling the country that Mr Rudd was misleading the Australian public. Well, the Australian public that were watching. Interesting to see how it rates in comparison to Australian Idol – let’s not discuss Bingo anymore than this mention.. classy.

National Bingo Night

Anyway, so the National Press Club had agreed that they would make the broadcast of the debate available to any media outlet that wanted it, on the priviso that they did not chuck one of those pesky worms on it. You see, Prime Minister Howard is not a major fan of the worm. But do you blame him? He comprehensively lost this debate and the past three on worm score. Not that this means a lot. The worm is garbage. Mr Rudd just had to open his mouth and the thing went skyward – the opposite of course occurred for the incumbent. How does this prove anything?

John Howard vs Kevin Rudd

Okay, so Channel 9 promised the worm. They always said that they were letting it loose. The Press Club said that they weren’t allowing it. The worm appeared. It wriggled up. It wriggled down. It disappeared. In fact everything disappeared. Press Club had pulled the plug. But Channel 9 had obviously thought this scenario through and quickly grabbed the footage from Sky… and put the worm on it!

Was it worth it? Definitely. The worm was a differentiation point for their broadcast, which I’m sure took viewers away from the ABC. The really interesting question though is how well it has rated. Did it beat Idol? and ahem, what Channel 7 had on.


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