October 20, 2007

Viva Laughlin – ‘is it the worst show in the history of television?’

Posted in Nine Network at 10:20 am by Give Me The Remote

The critics in the United States have been savage. Viva Laughlin, produced by Hugh Jackman, debuted a couple of days ago and, well, the critics didn’t really like it. To say the least.

Viva Laughlin

The New York Times said: “”Viva Laughlin on CBS may well be the worst new show of the season, but is it the worst show in the history of television?”

The Washington Post called the program “a dizzy loop-de-loop ride whose departures are so awkward and absurd that they make the norm look pretty darned good… It’s karaoke gone cuckoo, mawkish mush with a thump-and-bump beat — a rinky-tinky hybrid of ‘Dallas,’ ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’ And, oh yes, ‘American Idol.’ ”

Maybe the world isn’t ready for a TV musical. Or maybe the thing is just rubbish. To be perfectly honest, there is very little chance that I will watch this show – well, no chance. But not because it’s been absolutely panned, but rather because that sort of thing just simply doesn’t appeal to me – iac!

Well.. at least that’s one less program I have to try and fit into my recording schedule. But for those of you who would like to give it a shot, it begins this Monday at 8:30pm on, you guessed it, the home of duds, channel 9!




  1. RA said,

    I watched the “Viva Laughlin” premiere and it is most definitely NOT the worst show on television, this season or any other season. No, it’s not great, but I don’t understand the vitriol hurled by so many critics and bloggers. Certainly there are things that can and should be fixed, but give it a chance for pete’s sake. I just watched it again and enjoyed it enough that I’ll be back on Sunday evening for episode # 2.

  2. nathan said,

    It truly is an appalling piece of television and I can’t help but wonder at the mental state of anyone who tries to defend it. Im a huge fan of the original British show ‘Blackpool’ but this? Strips away all the quirk and self awareness and leaves a blackhole of suck.

  3. technabob said,

    I just sat through this on my TiVo last night. It is quite possibly the worst show that I’ve seen in years. What were the network executives smoking when they gave this piece of crap the green light?

    The problem for me wasn’t that it was a musical, it’s that it was just bad karaoke, with an even worse story line, and the horribly distracting British accent on the lead actor.

  4. DebHgn said,

    YES! It was the worst television program I have ever seen or ever will see I’m sure!


    Could have watched it had they not broke into song!

  5. Angie said,

    Is this what’s replaced the fabulous “Weeds”? Huh?

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