October 19, 2007

Surprise Surprise Gotcha stunt backfires

Posted in Nine Network at 9:56 am by Give Me The Remote

Last night on that absolute gem of a program (read: rubbish), Surprise Surprise Gotcha! (hilariously titled) there was a stunt involving Catriona Rowntree setting up her Getaway castmate Ben Dark in a (ridiculously innovative) poor restaurant service skit.

Surprise Surprise Gotcha!
Courtesy: What’s On The Tube

All the talk however has been about what didn’t actually go to air. So apparently Catriona said she had to go to the bathroom, when she was really going to speak to the hidden camera crew. Dark, unaware of course that he was being filmed, started saying some nasty things about Ms Rowntree to his mate after she had temporarily left them. Backstabber!

Catriona must have been devestated as she watched it all on the hidden cameras out the back. Although ever the consumate professional, she returned to finish off the skit without saying a word in order for the setup to work.

Catriona Rowntree & Ben Dark

I wonder what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Enough firecrackers for Guy Fawkes Day perhaps?



  1. Hahahaha, I would pay cash money to see that footage. Why would they cut out the one part of the show that might actually be interesting?

  2. Myschoolies.com.au said,

    I definitely would pay to see that, someone should leak the footage.

    Dark is a idiot anyway. It should of been Catriona bitching about him. LOL


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