October 18, 2007

Chaser in trouble again over tasteless Eulogy song

Posted in ABC1 at 10:29 am by Give Me The Remote

I knew as I was watching this that there was going to be a lot of furore. It was probably about the most politically incorrect 5 minutes of television I’ve seen in a long while.

The song, sung by Andrew Hansen, has a crack at Steve Irwin, Peter Brock, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, Princess Diana, Stan Zemanek, Don Bradman, Kerry Packer and almost Belinda Emmett.

Andrew Hansen
Andrew Hansen

It definitely goes over the top.. it finds the line and uses it as the starting line before sprinting off. Here are the lyrics to the thing.. but be warned that it gets a tad rude more towards the end..

My great grand father died this week.
I couldn’t stand him actually nobody could.
But as soon as he passed away everybody went around saying what a top bloke he was, so..
I’d like to dedicate this song to you, Gramps.

He was very hard of hearing,
he was dull and domineering,
mysogenist cantankerous and vain.
He hit the bottle every night,
he hit my grandma out of spite,
and those stories about his bunyons were a pain.

But all that’s now forgotten,
once he took his final breath.
Yes even pricks turn into top blokes after death.

You don’t believe me?
Allow me to furnish you with a few examples..

Steve Irwin lived in khaki,
a cartoon kamikaze,
who taunted crocs and tots so frequently.

And Brocky was some revhead,
who pumped the air with pure lead,
so anti green he drove into a tree.

But all that was forgotten,
once they took their final breath.
Yes even tools turn into top blokes after death.

John Lennon chose the hippy life,
he chose some nutbag for a wife,
his songs were never quite as good as Paul’s.

Jeff Buckley fooled all lovers,
just one album, mostly covers,
more wailing than Japan does off our shores.

But all that was forgotten,
once he took his final breath,
yes even wankers turn into top blokes after death.

Princess Di was just a slut for sex,
when they looked in the car wreck,
her dress was wet with Arab semen stain.

Stan Zemanek was a racist jock,
Fatso, xenophobic cock,
whose views were more malignant than his brain.

But all that was forgotten,
once he took his final breath,
yes even arseholes turn into top blokes after death.

It’s not how they lived that counts,
but how we rewrite the book.
When it comes to truth it’s best to use restraint,
it pays to throw away the facts
and have a rose coloured look.
When he dies, Martin Bryant will look a saint.

Don Bradman was a total farce,
a grumpy, greedy tight-arse,
who couldn’t even score one run last time he played.

Kerry Packer was a brothel chief,
a tax cheat and a kidney thief.
and procreating Jamie was the worst mistake he made.

But all that was forgotten,
once he took his final breath,
yes even **** turn into top blokes after death.

Belinda Emmett was a…  (stopped by cast)

Remember all will be forgotten,
once we take our final breath..
yes even pervert motherf**kers,
even rampant child-abusers,
even local Baghdad looters,
even baby bunny rooters,
even reckless drunken drivers,
even rodent sperm imbibers,
even violent poofter bashers,
even public penis flashers,
even rotting corpse molesters,
even human piss ingesters,
even tiny kitten kickers,
even anal finger lickers,
even Anna ‘bloody’ Coren,
yes even she will be a top bloke after death.



  1. Joe Thomas said,

    It’s funny and what you expect from the Chaser. No-one was offended until the predictable bunch of radio jocks, the commercial TV (so called) curent affairs shows and Howard and Rudd beat it up. All that did was to give the Chaser more publicity. They probably couldn’t be happier.

  2. YA MUM said,

    Joe Thomas couldn’t have put it straighter.

  3. mia said,

    all they did was speak the truth no one cared about steve irwin till he died and all he did was torture crocodiles.

    no one even knew who peter brock was, princess di was so stupid,

    as much as i like the beatles, john lennon was a hippy, yoko was a nut bag and his songs were never as good as pauls. jeff buckley, its soo true.
    stan zemanek was a racist, homophobe and a terrible, terrible person.
    all this hype about don bradman, its true he couldn’t score one run.

    kerry packer was a terrible person, tax avoider and his pilot gave him his kidney only to die 4 years later or something like that.

    grow up. this is just an honest piece of comedy which has been hyped up into something way bigger.

  4. simon said,

    in responce to mia

    yes, I found the song very amusing, and i didnt not get offended by it, but mia i have to disagree with you, people cared about steve irwin, other wise no one would have gone to his zoo, bought his dvds and stuff like that

    Every one knew who peter brock was, your the only fucking idiot that did not

    The stuff you say about don bradman is bullshit your putting a stereotypical appearance an all these people which before the osng was published im sure you didnt tihnk such things about them,

    Your a lier you ovisbly have no idea what your talking about, and should probably get off the crack

    I am not disagreeing wtih the song, i loved it, i idolise the chasers, there are so smart and hope to have one day to be able to put and impact in the communitiy like then using humour

    But your comment is bullshit and i think you should shut up, you have no write saying all this stuff, the chasers did it in a way of humour, they dont actauly think don bradman is crap, i think you should know this and think about what you have done

    But other wise GREAT work by the chaser and mia is smoking some sort of shit

  5. robot said,

    Howard dislikes this song, as does rudd because not one politition is mentioned, thus proving my theroy that even when dead, these polititions will still be remebered as wankers and NOT top blokes.

  6. robot said,

    BTW, howard says he wants good clean fun, would that be him refering to his war of terror in Iraq?

  7. Randy Midgett said,

    Was it rude? Yes.
    Was it over the top? Abolutely.
    Was it funny? ‘ken oath it was!

    For mia:

    Under defamation laws
    utter bastards and randy whores
    can’t be called that till they’re rotting in a grave,
    mia revels in naievite
    so The Chasers’ point wasn’t lost on me
    and taking Aussie icons down a peg was quite brave.

    Your idiocy will be forgotten when you draw your final breath,
    So even mia will “a top bloke” after death.

  8. Andrew said,

    the song is very clever, very funny and very true.

    The lyric about Di is a bit off (I’m not a big Di fan – but still) but in the context of the song, in building up the level of ‘the bigger the idiot – the bigger the saint’ it fits.

    But pity poor old Howard – as he takes his final breath
    He can take no consolation
    for the whole Ozzie nation
    will still consider him – a complete c**t after death !!!!

  9. karrank% said,

    Well done Andrew, it belongs in the song. Would have liked to hear the rest of the bit about Hookes this week too.

    Is Howard just a bit tetchy about this as he is SO much closer to an after-life situation (political & personal) than most?

  10. Blippetyblip said,

    nothing wrong with it- theyve done worse before- wouldnt have minded hearing that belinda emmett verse though

  11. keznickel said,

    Sorry to say it mia, but your a bit of an idiot

    people did actually care about Steve Irwin. I loved the song, but i think that Steve Irwin is an Australian Legend.

    Sorry, didnt know who Brocky was until he died…

    I agree with the first dude. If they are getting more publicity for the show, whether it be good or bad, they are happy! Heck, they got arrested for the apec s*** and they were still happy that they had thier viewers.

    To sum it up:
    the song is hilarious
    Mia is an is a suck-up for said-song(your should lower your idiocy level)
    and the chasers are legends

    nuff’ said.

  12. Zeebedee said,

    This song is the best piece of work the chasers have ever done. I idolise Andrew. I’m upset about something though. Lot’s of radio shows made a comment about this song but I heard one completely over exaggerating It.
    At the end one of the hosts said ‘There was also a comment about Belinda Emmet which made me fall into tears. I just refuse to play it.’ Here’s a little message for you….. THEY DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HER. Anyway, In conclusion ‘Best song ever’

  13. Bob said,

    They put the Belinda Emmet thing in as the absolute definition of going over the top. If i was related to her i would take that as a compliment. Howard and Rudd are idiots.

  14. Bob said,

    By the way i also believe Mia is an idiot. Who tries to suck up to people they will never meet over the internet?

  15. Brendan said,

    I quite like the song. The langage is a bit off but that’s just me. As for all the complaints about the song, well you have to take it at face value. Steve Irwin was a dropkick. I got turn off them when he wanted to takle a camel because he has never done it and the next minute saying we should be kind to animals. What a moron!! His image only got better after he died.

  16. Richie said,

    I loved this song becuase it was a good JOKE, but also because it challenges this wierd social phenomenon of revering people after death. Also couldn’t agree more with the Stan Zemanek lyric! However, to those who bag Steve Irwin, I can’t say whether or not he was a good bloke, because I didn’t know him, BUT to me he is a good bloke by default because he at least got many a child interested in the environment and conservation. Whereas Stan Zemanek gave the average ignorant talkback listener totally racist and homophobic views, which gives him default status as a total prick. But yeah, gotta love how conservative the mainstream media and politicians in Australia are.

  17. Simon said,

    hi again,

    I’m happy that most people agree with me that mia is just a suck up


  18. Simon said,

    and ide also like to add that i am 14
    it does sound like your older mia but if you arn’t correct me
    but, if i am right it makes you more of an idiot and i strongly think that you should think before you say in future

  19. matt said,

    yea the eulogy song was just heaps good. I regualary look it up on youtube cause its funny.

    and really mia, who didn’t know who don bradmen is. whens the last time u saw his average. and i loved steve irwin because he was entertaining before he died. And Brocky was an icon, a great batherst racer. So mia, chaser don’t really hate these people. Its called comedy.

    Plus i heard that Chris wrote the song not Andrew. Im not too sure thats true though.

    Anyway, loved the song and love the chasers

  20. Sam said,

    lyrics mistake:
    its not dr fatso, its jock, a fatso.


  21. Give Me The Remote said,


  22. Dog training said,

    Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

  23. barbie said,

    this song was amazing, even though i loved steve erwin !! but i dont care i truly love the chasers more and Andrew has always been my fav out of all of them. it was just a joke nothing to be taken seriously, though i wrotes songs like this to play a joke and i got expelled from my school o.0 I am only 14 and i wrote a song about a girl called “mercedes whores” all it was was a remake of “Gimme more” that i changed into “adelaide is a whore” so i do understand why this song got so much negitive attention but truly if it didnt have anything that would offend people in it then ask youself, could it be called comedy!! Chris rock,jim carrey, Will smith, Eddy Murphy they have also done all of this sort of thing and honestly who gave a fuck?

  24. mad onion said,

    well done andrew, i watch u evry wednesday nite. i love that song and u are the bomb man!

  25. kirrilly said,

    I still play this over and over again, I love how Andrew just seems to breeze through these songs when it really must hard to not get tongue tied.

    I look at it this way: If I was related to Steve Irwin, Peter Brock etc. I probably would take offense to it, but I’m not, I never knew them so I really don’t give a shit 🙂

    All that counts is they are making people laugh which is a GOOD THING.

  26. sqaush said,

    it was sooooooooooooooooooo funny who cares princess di was just a **** for sex wen they looked in the car wreck ect every thing was funny the only part they went over the top was belinda emmett

  27. Lauren said,

    Brilliant piece of lyrical work guys! Yes a few comments and adjectives do go a bit further than perhaps WE would take them, but it’s not us writing or performing the song is it? It’s on The Chaser and unless you’ve lived in total naivety under a rock for some time you wouldn’t watch The Chaser without expecting at least one segment to go ‘a bit far.’ Extremities get reactions and you don’t have to be a sociologist to work that much out.

    Heck, I’m a huge U2 fan but I didn’t get all uppity when they did “I Still Can’t Accept What A Nob I Am” (great performance there by Chris by the way). I laughed because a lot of what they say is true and the other whatever % is funny.

    It’s a satirical comedy show people-what do you expect?

  28. Jason said,

    Oh this was hilarious. I live in the USA and I looked the song up on Youtube. I had watched it all and I wasnt familiar with most of the people. But I think Andrew is freaking hilarious and looks like a Pro at this stuff. In essence, it was a histerical song. I hope they can come up with something of this calibre again. Great job guys!

  29. Knockout_013 said,

    Hi, I think theres another lyrics mistake; in regard to the steve irmin bit ‘tots’ instead of ‘talked’ (Refering to the baby bob in the crock pen incident)



  30. Carly said,

    Great song.. just bought the dvd and remembered how good it was..

    Anyway, there’s a mistake in Don Bradman’s verse.. ‘tight-ass’ would make more sense, y’know, him being stingy with his runs and all. Plus the ‘tots’ in Steve Irwin’s verse that the person above pointed out.

    Can’t wait ’til next season!

  31. Alex Mac said,

    one of the things we are studying in year 12 in AUS Iis representation and meaning. Also you look at selection and emphasis. in other words, every thing Chris wrote was true, to an extent;
    don bradman was a great cricketer, great average blah blah. flunked his last game apparently.
    Princess di did heaps for charity and had great kids and stuff. but in a christian view, she was a slut because she separated her husband and was seen with another man.
    John Lennon, no surprises there. to a lot of people though, Paul’s songs were better.
    Jeff buckley, that stuff was true. he was actually working on another album when he died, but i don’t see any problems with his calibre. I think that was a filler.

    so from these examples we see SELECTION AND EMPHASIS of some sort of truth.

    Chaser is awesome
    leave mia alone
    song is genius


  32. Alex Mac said,

    and in reply to matt’s comment… Chris Taylor did write the song for a play he wrote called “Dead Caesar”. The Stan Zemanek part was originally a rene rivkin jibe, but they changed it.
    also, apparently this version was a “watered down” version…love to see the original!

  33. Fella said,

    The most offensive part of the Eulogy song (for me) comes from the fact that the lyric about Jeff Buckley’s album being mostly covers is somewhat inaccurate and I think that John’s songs were better than Paul’s. And it doesn’t even offend me that much.

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