October 16, 2007

Seven begins HD programming, slams Nine’s Olympics bid

Posted in Seven Network at 11:39 am by Give Me The Remote

The word is that Channel 7 has started to do a bit of alternative programming on it’s HD channel.

Luckily What’s on the Tube was paying attention as seven decided to show a movie (25th hour) instead of Boston Legal. There were also little snippets of info about the channel told by seven personalities throughout the ad breaks.

7 HD Ident

I’m guessing by the very little fanfare that this is just a sort of testing period at this stage before they officially launch the thing full boar very soon.

Check out more screen captures at What’s On The Tube and keep a sly eye on 7HD for the next little while..

Meanwhile, Seven spokesperson Simon Francis has responded to David Gyngells spruiking on Nine’s successful 2012 Olympics bid by saying that it was an “ego-driven bid by a new chief executive seeking to plaster over a troubled network”. Seven claims that Nine has paid a much too high a price for The Games than they’re actually worth and won’t receive a satisfactory ROI.

With all this Olympic rights hoo-haa going on, I can’t get my head around the fact that it is 5 years away. I know it’s important to plan ahead but we as the public aren’t going to see the real result of this until a 2 week period in 5 years. Perhaps a little bit overkill at this stage..


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