October 15, 2007

James Mathison stars in Ten’s new sitcom pilot

Posted in Network Ten at 7:48 pm by Give Me The Remote

Does anybody else find this as strange as I do? James Mathison, the dude who co-hosts Australian Idol with Andrew G is the star of a pilot for a new sitcom called ‘Life of Leisure’.

Apparently it’s about a guy who wants to move back in with his parents because of some ‘quarter-life crisis’, however the catch is that his folks are in a retirement village. It’s an interesting concept. In fact I reckon it’s probably too hard to tell on that two sentence description if the show’s any good. I’m guessing though that it can’t be much worse than the wedge.

I just can’t get my head around it. James Mathison? Am I missing something. I remember a little while back people were talking about Andrew & Jimmy and everyone was preaching the praises of our man of the moment (I think this was around the time of his first Arias gig sans Andrew). I was always of the opinion that Mr G was the superior half of the duo. James was totally monotonous and Hughesy-esque deadpan and always looked like a frog in headlamps, whereas I thought Andrew really brought the colour and shade in his voice (and Cleo Bachelor of the Year for the ladies).

Andrew G & James Mathison
James Mathison is taller than Andrew G.. that deserves him a sitcom!

Anyway back to Life of Leisure.. the pilot was produced by David Maher and David Taylor for Fox Australia and written by Jaime Brown and Kris Mrksa, who co-wrote ‘The King’.

I’m really curious about this one. Wonder what the chances of it getting up are..




  1. That does sound curious. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

  2. T-Mac said,

    This show will have a laugh track, and endless Idol-related crosspromotion, with guest appearances from Damien Leith and Ricki-Lee.

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