October 12, 2007

Ride the eBay luge..

Posted in Advertisements at 4:04 pm by Give Me The Remote

Everybody seems to be doing the eBay thing these days. Once upon a time it was sort of some nerdy way of swapping computer games.. but now it’s totally mainstream. And good on eBay.. they have a nice little monopoly going here on a large and fledgling internet market. When I say monopoly I mean more of a Western monopoly (Taobao has 65% of China market).

Their latest advertisement for Australian audiences focuses on the theme that shopping on eBay is just like a rollercoaster ride – exhilarating, exciting, <insert similar adjective here>.

The 60 second spot begins with a stack of people walking across snow fields, before our focus is diverted to one young lady grabbing a trolley and going for a bit of a ride luge-style.

Ebay 1

After whizzing through the course she emerges out the end looking very excited with a coffee maker in hand. The caption follows – ‘Make Shopping Exciting’.

Ebay 2

Slow motion is used exhaustively throughout the ad to heighten the excitement and everyone’s favourite Apple iPod superstars Feist provide the backing track with that chart climbing ditty ‘1234’. Personally I would have gone with a little bit more uptempo track or at least something with a little bit more tension in it than the laidback nature of 1234. But it’s still a really good concept.

The advertisement was developed by Tequila Digital with a crew of 60 and a stack of extras on board to climb the mountain and spectate the luge. The ad was shot both on the mountain and inside an ice rink fitted out with a mini luge course (green screened)

 Ebay 3

There’s some really good behind the scenes movies here that show exactly how the advertisement was put together. Definitely worth a look.


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