October 12, 2007

Chaser boys in trouble again over bomb stunt

Posted in ABC1 at 10:08 pm by Give Me The Remote

The Chaser are being investigated yet again for another one of their stunts, this timee involving a faux bomb.

In the stunt, Craig Reucassel, dressed up as a courier, delivers a package that is making a loud ticking sound, akin to bombs in the movies.

Craig Reucassel
Craig Reucassel

The same stunt included Reucassel delivering a live sheep, snake, a little kid and a corpse in a body bag. The corpse however is actually a live person, which is uncovered when the bag stands up and walks away at the end.

It is an offence to leave or send an article with intent to cause alarm. The maximum penalty for this offence is five years jail.

“The Chaser chose the loudest and most deliberately comical ticking to ensure the people involved in the filming could not think there was any real threat,” a spokesperson said.

I just love it how the Chaser seem to be in the news every second day for one thing or another. Is it political correctness gone totally overboard? Are the media just fishing for stories? Or are the boys pushing the boundaries a little bit too far and crossing some lines that they deserve to be punished for. How long until a judge gets fed up and locks one or two up for a little while?



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