October 10, 2007

Help me figure out The Mint puzzle..

Posted in Nine Network at 8:16 pm by Give Me The Remote

So I got home one night and chucked on the telly and as usual the mint was on. As usual the puzzle didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.. so i persisted with it to see what the answer was.. I figured it looked pretty simple on the surface so it should be a bit of a cinch for the phone-ins. Apparently not..

This was the puzzle..

The Mint - Question

I thought the show was ending at 3 so I decided to stay with it for a little bit because I figured someone was bound to get it before then. The clock was approaching on 3 and a quick check of my telly guide told me that the show actually ended at 4 tonight. Too much minty for me so I chucked a recorder on it and flicked it off.

So this was answer..

The Mint - Answer

Which begs the question.. how did they get this answer? I’d be really appreciative if you could enlighten me.. anyone? Not surprisingly nobody got the answer again and the 5 grand stayed in 9’s pockets.

So yeah.. here’s the call out.. explain this one to me. Thanks muchly!



  1. opm said,

    I agree – these shows are a wrought! I’m watching it now 13/10, interested to see what the answer is… how many litres is tonight’s question…

    I can’t believe nein can show these programmes and get away with “making up” the final answers!!!!!

    Someone should try to get hold of their calculations to see how they get to these numbers?!


  2. opm said,

    update: just read the T’s and C’s on the nein website…

    38. Neither the Promoter nor the producer is under any obligation to release
    information relating to Game answers or methods of solution, other than the
    information given by the presenter. Any such information released is released
    at the producer or the Promoter’s absolute discretion.

    and this one’s a classic:

    6. If the Selected Caller provides the
    correct answer (as determined by the Promoter and in accordance with that
    particular question’s criteria) to the particular Game then they will win the
    prize corresponding with that Game as advised by the presenter.

    so technically, they can make up the answer on-the-spot “as determined by the promoter” and what is the CRITERIA?!?! they don’t tell us all the criteria to get to the answers…

    would love to hear from someone who works on the show and knows how it all works.. can’t be legal, but the T&C’s cover their butts.


  3. Jenny Edwards said,

    We too are interested to getthe answer to ‘how many litres from 13/10. We fell asleep beforesomeone answered it correctly. Thanks. Jenny ansd Candy

  4. Andrew said,

    Send it into Media Watch!!

  5. Lonya said,

    The “How many litres” question was bullshit! Nobody got it right and the answer was 319! It was pathetic- they didn’t explain how they got such an arbitrary number.

  6. The mint's biggest fan said,

    The mint eats ass. The mint eats ass. It’s true. I watched the show. it really did blow. And the solutions don’t make sense. Like the one about how many cents. I think the show should be bumped, but as the tree said to the lumberjack “I’am stumped”.
    Anonymous fan

  7. Josh said,

    You know, I probably would WATCH the show if they explained their answers at the end. But it’s seemingly random. The presenters never give any clues apart from “think laterally”. Wonder why? Because there aren’t any. Because the answers are random.


  8. Victoria said,

    To “think laterally” involves leaving out the obvious, omitting traditional modes of thought and preconceptions. If you apply this to a puzzle (which is already puzzling itself) well…it just makes the puzzle MORE puzzling!. Normally a puzzle has ONE answer, but if it’s taken to a “lateral thinking” level of interpretation, then there is no obvious answer and instead you have many, each according to a different interpretation. That’s why the presenters say “that’s not the answer we’re looking for”. They just happen to pick one out that is probably the last of rational interpretations. Unfortunately, the explanation will never be revealed, because it’s not an explanation. So I guess, in a way the answers are pretty much random after all. I watched the “How many litres?” game, but fell asleep before the end. I decided to search for some info or possible results here on the WWW, which is how I ended up here.
    I’ve been brainstorming on the mint puzzle above and I’ve come up with a theory that could explain why 549 was their chosen answer.
    Rationally counting the cents, this is:
    Six cents
    four dollars (400c)
    12 cents
    You add up 521c which means you’re short on 28 not-so-obvious cents.
    Consider all the number digits as cents and you have:
    3+5+1+2+6+8 = 25c
    Then count how many times “cents” appears as the word itself or the symbol and you have it 3 times.
    So…521 + 25 + 3 = 549
    I wonder…will they apply this criteria to the next “how many cents” game?

  9. Jesse said,

    I guess there’s nothing to be said about the people who, although realizing the solutions are near impossible, continue to feed this show funding and ratings. If this show is ever gonna be scrapped, it wont be until the gullible public stop falling for the producers BS.

    At least former variations (quizmania etc) had us entertained…

  10. Sloppy said,

    What is more important is that ACCC and Fair Trading allow this bullshit to continue. Everyone needs to complain to them – if they get enough, only then will they investigate.


  11. HM said,

    Hereafter is the conditions from the Mint. As i understand that the promoter will DETERMINE the answer. What I wonder is when the promoter does determine the answer? at the beginning of the game or at the end of the game? Does the promoter have to follow any logic rules? WHO KNOWS, ONLY THE PROMOTER KNOWS !!!

    “From the selected callers who are placed in the telephone queue, The Mint program producer will select, at random, a caller (“Selected Caller”) to put on
    air to play the particular game (“Game”). If the Selected Caller provides the correct answer (as determined by the Promoter and in accordance with that particular Question’s criteria) to the particular Game then they will win the prize corresponding with that Game as advised by the presenter”

  12. Mike said,

    I only just discovered this show, and stupidly assuming I had a legitimate answer, called up several times before getting through and being incorrect. And I developed two complaints about this show

    1) People who watch it provide incredibly stupid answers.
    2) There is no answer until they decide there is an answer.

    I’ve never called anything like this before and I never will again. What a piece of trash tv.

    The puzzle was Find the word, and the clues were:


    I thought it was NEON, but the amount of people that called up with words that would produce MEAK, PUT, and DINK was ridiculous. None of these are words, and either way, I’ve been conned.

  13. Matt said,

    “…but the amount of people that called up with words that would produce MEAK, PUT, and DINK was ridiculous. None of these are words…”

    A great point, let down only by the fact that PUT is a word and DINK is word.

  14. Matt said,

    Oh and MEAK is too!

  15. Jeff said,

    I have a maths degree from University and I can say that FOR SURE, whenever the game “How Many Quadrangles” is played, they get their answer by EXHAUSTIVELY counting as many 4-sided objects as one could form with what is given according to the SAME PROCEDURE. Even though this game could be turned subjective, with them just “choosing” an answer from many, they instead always follow a specific exhaustive counting procedure. Put this game up on the screen and I have it solved in 15 minutes max. And I’ve been right the past 3 times (most recent instance being the one where the answer is 97, which is shown constantly on the hilight reel). I just never bother to call.

    So if this game follows a strict rule, then it could be said that the other counting games do as well. Just the rule is less-obvious. I bet that whatever it is, though, it is consistant. If enough puzzles and solutions were presented, it would be an interesting problem to attack.

    As for the crossword ones, ya, code could easily be written to find a complete list of all 4-letter dictionary words that fit the plate. And that’s the list that one crosses off from. I’m guessing most puzzles would have about a 40-50 solution list…..not all that long…

  16. Kippostar said,

    I just have 1 question….
    Please, for gods sake, help me out here…
    From october 24:

    How many litres?
    Beer (27 litres, in a barrel)
    Stout (50 litres, in a barrel)
    Pilsener (4 litres, in a jug)
    Pilsener (4 litres, in a jug) [only the letters ‘Pilse’ and ‘lit’ visible]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [visible]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [visible]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [totally hidden except for lid]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [totally hidden except for lid]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [totally hidden except for lid]
    Pale Ale (1 litre, in a can) [totally hidden except for lid]

    Noone got it, and the answer turned out to be 292????????? wtf?
    You can bet the number, but it’s a pretty far shot, involving some pretty creative leaps… ie. turning numbers of results upside down (6 into 9) and so on.. or at least that is the only way i managed to end up with 292.. please put me out of my misery!?

  17. Nico said,

    The Mint is so freakin frustration, How many litres? I dunno, its impossible, its fake!

  18. John said,

    Yeah I have to admitt I got obsessed with the ‘how many litres’ game on ch9. And no matter what, I can’t solve it. I’ve suspected answers are made up on the spot too.
    Also I wonder if the $100,000 given away recently was fair dinkum. Like was the recipient an employer of the show. The show sux bigtime.

  19. Joel said,

    Someone needs to call in and when they get a chance to guess the number, give a public service announcement to all viewers – let them know that its all rubbish. Because there are clearly many who don’t realise its a scam – that is, the ones who call in.

  20. Joel said,

    Thought I’d try it myself. They advertise that it’s just 55c. I called in and they told me immediately that I didn’t make it through the selection and encouraged me to call again. Ah, so that’s how they make their money. Well as much as I’d love to make that community service announcement, I’m not willing to spend any more. Maybe the ACCC is the way to go.

  21. tomi said,

    i call, says wait, says im through to the studio que, then says sorry im out…WTF?

  22. shim said,

    Second time I’ve ever seen this show tonight…how can they have it focusing on just ONE game? Where is the variety? And how are the presenters not dead from repeating the same thing over and over… It’s so stupid I’m going to bed. hahaha. Just another “get even more rich” quick trick from a tv network.
    I will never be able to stop thinking how many litres though…gah!

  23. bails said,

    It’s a joke! I agree, they are just pulling random numbers out once they have made enough money from phone calls! Has anyone EVER seen one get solved after 2 or 3 guesses? You’d think if it was a lateral thinking puzzle, occasionally someone might get one!

    No point in ringing up to warn people though, being “live”, it would be on a delay of a couple of seconds just in case someone swears. So as soon as you start your spiel they’ll cut you off, and your 55cents will be gone forever! haha

    Dont forget everyone, Mills pays the Bills!!

    (P.S. Hasnt his career flourished! This must be the pinnacle of millys’s illustrious career)

  24. dan said,

    Just need to go to Fair Trading and ask them to investigate this show and how they get the answer if they are realy a answer with what they give you to work with……

  25. dan said,

    I just sent a email to the ACCC… See what they say

  26. Dave said,

    This is such a scam!

    The game tonight is another how many litres of beer!

    Question: How many Litres?


    One barrel with Light Beer 22 litres
    One barrel with Beer 66 litres
    One jug with Pilsne (the r is behind another jug) 13 litre (the s is behind another jug)
    One jug Beer 1 Litre
    One jug Pale Ale 11 Litres.

    Some guesses i’ve come up with are 99, 102, 103, 113 114, 118, 119

    I can’t be bothered staying up for it, Rob Mills is shitting me.

    Someone post the answer to this please…

  27. ron said,

    i reckon tonights beer monster is 268.

    cant get through though, as my phone wont allow 1902 numbers.

  28. daniel said,

    THEY KEEP TELLING YOU. ” wE DONT KNOW THE aNSWER” Q: how do they know if ur the right answer?

  29. Capricorn Dave said,

    Bring back the test pattern I say – It’s cheaper, more genuine, less frustrating, way way way more entertaining and somtimes they even played good music!

  30. keldogg said,

    its 116 i know it.
    everyone is so freeking stupid
    and they keep telling me to call but i dont get thru so wats the point of the show.
    if ppl r actually gonna play, they need to write down the answers other people say, coz everyone is repeated numbers and its freeking anoying.
    I HATE THE MINT. but i love it.

    peace out

  31. Jo said,

    the anwser to the ‘How many Litres’ from november 3rd was 373!!!!

    And no i’m still trying to work out how they got to that final answer.

  32. Sarah said,

    I to was watching that stupid show and all the people that got through seemed to be the ones who sounded like they were in another world with non sense answers.

    I have no idea how you play that beer game and how the answer ends up to be some obscure number. Its almost like they have picked a number between 1 and 1000 and they screen you before you go on with what your answer is and if it is correct they wont put you through.

    They only let people win once a blue moon and then replay that event all night so people still think it is possible to win.

    Its ridiculous crap!

  33. Keith said,

    There seems to be a logical sum emerging in beer monster, I’m just not clever enough to work it out.

    Take the sum of all litres (assume obscured/hidden numbers are consistent with the pictured vessel). Multiply the total by 3.3 and you will be + or minus 10 of the correct answer.

    Here are 4 games from recent weeks:
    56 litres total answer is 187.. 187 divided by 56 = 3.339
    83 litres total answer is 280.. 280 divided by 83 = 3.373
    113 litres total answer is 373.. 373 divided by 113 = 3.30
    91 litres total answer is 292.. 292 divided by 91 = 3.20

    There seems to be a constant… I just can’t figure what it is.. yet!

  34. RESTPARK said,

    I’m not sure how I came to be here but the only way to make any difference is to not watch it, and give your viewing ratings to the ABC who would never decieve you with with thier programs or put to air carnival sideshows to raise funds(although instead of the “carnie’s” having missing teeth and body odor, they have pansies and very nice cleavage)

    From a sociological view though, from the information I have read regarding this show I feel it gives a good indication of the naivety and sheep like behavior of the general late night TV viewing public. I say put that brain to use, so if you have to watch the show, try thinking laterally about the “suck you in” tactics used to keep you watching and wanting to call that number
    R E S T P A R K

  35. Aesop said,

    A few years ago Greece had this kind of crap “entertainment”, until it was discovered the only winners were employees and their relatives.
    I thought Quizmania was bad but at least the hosts were animated, the hosts of the Mint stare like brain dead zombies into the camera for minutes,… I think this is meant to mimic deep contemplation.

    Too intense for me, I didn’t last 15min.

  36. rio said,

    hi every one,i was reading all the comment looking for the trick they play.
    but seemingly no one guess,however here is my explanation:
    the trick is mainly about the PROBABILITIES and somehow all this PROBABILITIES are correct, how is this ,well when they release the quiz it is usually has more than one answer at least 10 or some time well more than that ,any way the number of caller get through is not more than that,however,when the caller call and says the right answer they simply CANCEL that answer from their list until they get fortune of money ,then the next caller say one of the proposed answer they already prepared and they give the prize .
    The puzzle was Find the word, and the clues were:
    MEA_ P_T _INK BAR_
    here we have 4 words each with 26 prospect letters ,ok lets say only 3 letters can solve the puzzle then we have total of 4 to the power 3
    which is 4x4x4=64 probabilities to find the answer and any one could be correct ,yet the number of caller will never reach this number.
    so who ever is call and say the proposed correct answer they say SORRY
    and delete that answer from their list ,and so on.
    i am sure this is the way they do it.

  37. jack said,

    CH 9 Have you not yet axed this farcial show. I am sick to death of seeing the STUPID looks on the face of Rob and co.
    i do not know how the viewing public put up with this garbage, Blind freddy can see that the show is rigged.The sooner you are exposed as frauds the better.
    AS for the hosts and the stupid contorted looks on them as they pretend to ponder the answer makes me wonder where you find idiots like that..
    Top marks to the stooges that are not. seen nor the
    multiple answer sheet lets not forget the defined time slot. Get real and put on something inteligent to watch ansd stop riping off the viewers,going to bed now and wakeing up to Channel 7 Stick your .crappy show wherever.
    good night.

  38. this show is rigged said,

    This show is rigged totally

  39. Greggs said,

    I saw this for the first time tonight. I rang up because I had a suspicion about what would happen. It came as no surprise to learn that I was going into a selection for the que. I missed out. 55 cents per call for everyone who missed out and they probaby take about 1 call a minute on average so they are absolutely raking it in.

    There is no logic to the problems but then again, this is material for the brainless and I can’t believe that people call in and waste their time/money on it. Not just that. The amount of people that call in with the same answer is ridiculous. I was watching one “how many cents” problem and there wer about 30 callers put through who said “2” . I wonder whether they screen your answer before you’re put through?

    In any case, it’s a disgrace.

    As for contacting ACCC, I would contact consume affairs instead. ACCC really does competition issues, not consumer issues

  40. james said,

    I would say they would have much more than 1 call per minute, especially at the beggining of the program.

  41. Bernie said,

    Mkeas No Ssnee to Me!

  42. Jusoate said,

    “Call the ACCC”!!!! “Axe The Show”!!!

    Get serious you guys, call the ACCC or axe the show? WTF for? Just because you cant be bothered working out a cryptic clue?

    If you look for the right keys and can find them then a logical solution ALWAYS presents itself!

    Take the Rubik’s Cube for example…through logical thinking, careful, observation and good ole hard work a small portion of people can, and do solve this puzzle despite its millions of possible wrong answers. The other 99.999999% of people throw it against the wall after 5 minutes because they cant solve it and exclaim that its an impossible, stupid puzzle (roughly translated means they couldnt be fagged taking the time to work it out)

    Stop looking for the easy fix and use your brain!

  43. Sadie said,

    How is this show not illegal? Unbelievable drivel!

  44. Clare said,

    The solution to the beer one – add the litres, times 3 then add 19. We called once but couldn’t get past ‘stage 1’

  45. Bill said,

    Your kidding me,
    just read the T&C and damn

    they can also give us fake information to misslead us and they CAN.

    i think its a scam and i will be contacting certian people about getting ninemsn/themint investigated.

    i think its a sham, half the time no one wins.

    i think these questions are for like people at mensa

    even then they might not be able to get it.

  46. tony said,

    wtf??? add the litres, times 3 and add nineteen???

    explain it to me very s l o w l y….

    how the hell do you get that answer?

  47. katrina said,

    i think that after a certian time they should be giving out some clues i watched it for 2 hrs last night and most of the answers people gave were the same

    and still i have no clue to the answer

  48. V said,

    What a waste of money, no one can even get on the phone let alone get the right answer…

    Another possible answer to that question “How many litres”:

    Count the cents, that is:
    Six cents
    four dollars (400c)
    12 cents
    You add up 521c which means you’re short on 28 not-so-obvious cents

    Then add the words:
    6 x CENTS
    + 10 CENTS (multiple of 10 to equal 100c x 4 to equal 4 dollars)
    +12 x CENTS
    =28cents + the original 521 = 549???

  49. bigdog said,

    Fuck that shit!!!!! Its just a G up.

  50. Brandon said,

    Last night I watched beer monster, couldn’t figure it out, so I looked at the internet. I realised that two of the previous beer monsters where just all the litres added up, times by 3 and then add 19? Why? Don’t know, just works. Last night, I had the answer 454. 145 x 3 + 19 = 454.

    Was I right? What was the answer, I went to bed. It seems not many people actaully stay up to find out the stupid answer, like 4am it so late for a stupid answer, dumb show.

    What was the answer?

  51. Tasha said,

    Did anyone manage to last until the end this Sat (15/12/07) and find out the answer to the ‘How many litres’ puzzle? My friend and I watched it drunk and were getting really frustrated at what on earth it could be.
    Enlightenment would be hugely appreciated!

  52. Oots Miester said,

    I will tell all of you the secret:
    If you think you have even the slightest chance of winning, you are DREAMING. So… STOP WATCHING, GO TO SLEEP, AND DREAM FOR FREE.

  53. tony said,


    we all get screwed by this scam.

    “Jusoate said,

    December 15, 2007 at 11:58 pm

    “If you look for the right keys and can find them then a logical solution ALWAYS presents itself!

    Stop looking for the easy fix and use your brain”


  54. Sara said,

    The Mint sucks arse!!!!

  55. Brandon said,

    December 15th, I watched beer monster, couldn’t figure it out, so I looked at the internet. I realised that two of the previous beer monsters where just all the litres added up, times by 3 and then add 19? Why? Don’t know, just works. Last night, I had the answer 454. 145 x 3 + 19 = 454.

    Was I right? What was the answer, I went to bed. It seems not many people actaully stay up to find out the stupid answer, like 4am it so late for a stupid answer, dumb show.

    What was the answer?

  56. pat said,

    what is tonights puzzle i have thought of heaps of different numbers but odnt have credit to call ,anybody try 69 or 9 maybe 8 or something thats the only numbers that havent been used

  57. mick said,

    i dont care what anyone says this show is the biggest load of dogshit ever…ive just wasted four hours of my life watching this junk and then suddenly it hits me omg ive worked out this puzzle called red alert or sumting like that…..i counted the words in red which equalled 13 and then the number of characters including punctuation which equalled 61 giving me 74……after watching the show for 3 hours i worked this out after countless other callers called through exhausting most over logical answers i figured this is the only one left……they came up with some ridiculous number over 1000….definetly rigged

  58. […] I will say this. My most popular post by a country mile since this blog begun has been this one about ‘The Mint’ and how dodgy the games on it are. Like 3-4 times as many hits as the […]

  59. ben said,

    hey the mint,
    i watch your show all the time
    but im to young to call up so
    i just watch it and im watchin it
    now… and i wood like you to read
    this out plz thanks heaps xx ben

  60. Ray said,

    Hi, just wondering about the answer to the puzzzle from Saturday night.
    29 December 2007. I watched for hours, did anyone get the correct answer??? It must be a number surely it is 12 or, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, what is their trick, do they explain how they get their answers???
    The presenter looked into the camera without saying a word for over 3 minutes, lucky I have Foxtel and flick channels constantly!!
    Here is the puzzle
    Add the numbers,
    The number of days between Xmas and New Year,
    The number of vowels in the word BEACHES
    The number of odd numbers between 13 and 19

  61. anonymous said,

    The answer to to the question on 29th December was 1275. I have no idea how they worked this out. The thing is they didn’t tell you how many years they were talking about.

  62. Michelle said,

    My husband and I watched the mint after being warned against it by my sister (it couldn’t be that bad we thought, ohh how wrong we were!!!) What a scam. We sat for 2 hours writing down the numbers as people called them in and put marks next to the ones that were repeated over and over… The answers ranged from 0-725 with most sitting below 50. The ‘SHOWS’ answer was 1275. After reading this page from all you, I have come to the conclusion that they must have added every possible number every possible way (ie. 47 and 4+7) but even then I don’t think it would add up to be 1275. Unless they might be talking about Chinese New Year which is a bit later than ours. If anyone works out the way they got to that answer, please post it. I have 3 kids and no time to sort this problem out (I have been hasseled for the computer the whole time I have been writing this letter.) If I ever watch this show again, it will only be to mock the presenters, and the morons that call in.

  63. t said,

    what i think is wrong is 1st off is that it is a 1900 number that you have to ring and no one can afford to spend money on 1900 in their right mind.

    2 it’s on too late

  64. nightmare said,

    so,how do they charge for per call? 55 cent flat rate..every 10 sec? or every 1 sec 55 cent ? i have no idea

  65. me said,

    what was the answer to the puzzle on the 3rd january 2008, which was called FIND THE WORD

  66. Chris said,


  67. The Dr said,

    I just watch it for the girls, lol. No way I am going to call and add to the cash they are pulling in, haha.
    They certainly do not make it easy!

    Rock on people & all the best for 2008 🙂

  68. Barnsey said,

    There is no doubt that there is something fishy with the final answers given for the puzzles. I would like to see a sealed envelope with the correct answer in it presented at the beginning and opened when the correct answer is said or at the end when no one gets it. But I will never get involved until there is some honest transparency.

  69. Snowy said,

    A clue to solving The Mint. Don’t forget your Roman numerals.
    V = 5
    X = 10
    L = 50
    C = 100
    D = 500
    M = 1000

    “LI” in the word “Litres” may just mean 51.

  70. hen84 said,

    81L of Beer
    17L of Pilsner
    5L of Ale
    12L of Light Beer
    5L of Ale

    Answer is 401 Litres.

    What u do is multiply the number of litres of “BEER” by how many barrels (of all types). Theres a total of 5 barrels here so multiply 81 by 5 and u get 405. THEN you subtract the number of barrels which arent “BEER”. You get your answer.

    It’s worked every time for me but i never get through but my answer is always correct.

    Hope this helps everyone.

  71. T said,

    I’m up breastfeeding when the mint comes on through the night so i get sucked in watching it because there is nothing esle but info commercials to watch on other channels.
    I try calling but NEVER get through.
    Does anyone know of anyone that has won on the mint? I don’t.

  72. tina said,

    if the other stations had something other than infomercials on,im betting no body would be watching this show,we all know it has to be rigged.

  73. tara said,

    i just wanted to no why nathenial leftt i liked himm heaps alsoo i love robb he is so hott oh my goddd
    anywayz say hi to adam , paul , kristy , jayden and tell charbel i love him

  74. clintdogg32 said,

    I am so glad this show is off the air, i can not stand that Nat chick, she full on is a gronk and give me the shits, seriously. But the others r ok, Kat is hott.

    Nat really is stupid, i switch off or change the channel every time she comes back onto my tv screen.


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