October 8, 2007

Foxtel – See Something, Feel Something

Posted in Advertisements at 11:43 pm by Give Me The Remote

Another advertisement that I’m really digging at the moment is the new spot for Foxtel based on the theme ‘see something, feel something’.

The ad begins with a man sitting on a grassy knoll watching as his apple sitting next to him rolls down the hill. This inspires him to do the whole roll-down-the-mountain thing.

Foxtel - Feel Something

But the catch here is that the man doesn’t stop rolling when he reaches the bottom of the hill.. The next shot shows him rolling along a subway wall (yeah.. physically impossible). He is then seen rolling through some old Victorian era sort of scene, which becomes a stage.

 Foxtel - Feel Something

The curtains on the stage open as he rolls through them and into an early 20th century alleyway, which then becomes a scene between protesters and riot police. He rolls across a road in front of a car and then up a brick wall, through a fish market, on a beach and finally across a vast desert.

Foxtel - Feel Something

But I guess the main thing about this ad is the cuteness of it all. Instead of regular shooting, the whole thing is down with stop motion. So instead of being quite smooth, there is a constant joltiness about the whole production – totally intended of course. Also the music in this ad, sung by Melanie Horsnell for Nylon Studios, is totally cute; there seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment for songs sung by cute female voices.


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  1. Kiki~charu said,

    Hey! Thanks for this vid! its so cute and I totally love the song!!
    n_n *glomps TV set*
    Do ya know where i can download it???

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