October 6, 2007

National Bingo Night.. (i.e. Deal or No Deal for dummies)

Posted in Seven Network at 7:49 pm by Give Me The Remote

Channel 7 have begun airing some promos for its new television show called ‘National Bingo Night’ which will begin on Sunday 21st October. The program will be hosted by ex Home and Away star Tim Campbell and Renee Bargh, who was a contestant from some failed channel 10 popstars ripoff called Girlband.

Bingo hosts - Tim Campbell & Renee Bargh
National Bingo Night hosts – Tim Campbell & Renee Bargh

So, the premise of the show. Well I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t seen it or anything. But it sounds very much to me like um.. Bingo? Bingo. You’re probably thinking right now (I know I was) – how is bingo supposed to work on television? The program is based on an American format so I went and did a little bit of research (okay, just Wikipedia).

Apparently in the American version there are these ‘stunt games’ where a featured solo studio contestant plays games that involve guessing whether the next number will be higher, lower, odd, even, red, black, etc.

This game really smacks to me of Cash Bonanza. What a ridiculous concept. I thought television couldn’t get any more dumbed down. In the states the show debuted at number 3 in its timeslot behind Dr. Phil and Dateline.. sounds like a winner.

In a time when it seemed Seven could do no wrong, they seem intent on proving me wrong. Memo to channel 9, schedule a half decent program on Sunday nights up against this garbage. Heaven help us all if bingo wins its timeslot.

Oh, and my title idea came courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel.



  1. Deal or no deal for dummies? how can that be so? you only need one brain cell to play deal or no deal!!!

  2. bingo on tv sounds good to me!

  3. Berta Letze said,

    Excellent site i will do come back promise. Great article.

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