October 5, 2007

Pointless Parents Advertising Awards Announced

Posted in Advertisements at 11:41 am by Give Me The Remote

The third annual Children’s TV Food Advertising Awards were announced yesterday in Melbourne. The awards are voted on by users of a parents’ food and health website called the Parents Jury. There’s not really a lot of awards given out in this ceremony (three) and two thirds of them aren’t really the type of awards that you’d thank your mum for winning.

The Parents Jury

The three categories and winners are..

Pester Power Award (most manipulative) – McDonalds Spongebob Squarepants Happy Meal ad (for enticing kids with toys)
Smoke and Mirrors Award (most misleading) – Kellogg’s Coco Pops Coco Rocks ad (for diverting parents’ attention from the fact that the cereal is 1/3 sugar by advertising minor benefits)
Parents Choice Award (the good one) – Woolworths Fresh Fruit Kids ad (for showing a kid who likes healthy food)

Now I know that McDonalds has received a bit of a slap on the wrist by this group for manipulative advertising, but let’s be reasonable for a second. So they’re in trouble for giving away toys with their food. Are they the first ever company to give away something free (or just gimmicky) along with their core product. So cereal companies haven’t been giving away toys in boxes for years? Hardly Normal doesn’t give away cash rebates, sweepstakes and 40 months interest free with purchases?

40 Months Interest Free
Isn’t this type of thing illegal yet?

How dare you McDonalds for using one of the oldest promotional techniques in the marketing textbook. How could you? You should be ashamed. You are single-handedly bringing down the universe and making our kids fat. Shame on you.

Now, the most misleading advertisement. Oh no, Kellogg’s have highlighted some benefits (which are minor) and haven’t pointed out that the product is loaded with sugar. Does this parent group thing that parents are stupid?? Look at the name of the thing! Coco.. do you think that means healthy food? If you saw a bag of lollies called Heroins would you buy it?

Heroins – Would you buy these for your kids?

Finally the parents choice award goes to Woolworths. Industry suck ups. Yum vegetables for an afternoon snack. I like to make a celery man and then eat him. I don’t know many kids that age who if given a choice would eat vegetables over unhealthy food. I bet Woolworths get Government power credit points for putting out this sort of ad.

What an absolutely ridiculous set of awards. Kids want to eat sugar. It’s simple – not rocket surgery – it tastes good. It is the parents’ responsibility to look at the foods in the supermarket and decide on their kids’ diet and choose foods accordingly. As long as adults can eat as much sugar and fat as they like, you can’t blame a company for advertising the same products to children. It’s hypocrasy to expect them to be ‘ethical’ about it all.


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