October 5, 2007

Nine backflips – Temptation to stay

Posted in Nine Network at 10:49 am by Give Me The Remote

Nine’s new CEO David Gyngell has spoken.

The ‘rest’ that Temptation was going to be having has been canned and the program is not going anywhere anytime soon. However, Monday nights will be Temptation-less, which is when Mr Eddie McGuire will keep us entertained.

David Gyngell
David Gyngell – back again as CEO

The previously planned 30 minute nightly Who Wants To Millionaire will be replaced by a live 80 minute Monday night $5 million dollar Millionaire extravaganza. The format, beginning on October 22nd, will give viewers the chance to win $10 k and episode and will run for six weeks.

Eddie McGuire with Millionaire Rob Fulton
Eddie McGuire with Millionaire Rob Fulton

So Ed & Livinia (and Chelsea and Scotty) aren’t going anywhere. This is great news.. and it seems that David Gyngell is already preaching a bit of stability to the network. There might be some hope yet.

Livinia Nixon
Livinia Nixon – not going anywhere.


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  1. Thankyou Jesus.

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