September 30, 2007

nab – climb EV’RY MOUNTAIN campaign

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nab (National Australia Bank) has begun this sort of uplifting, motivational campaign which encourages you to ‘climb every mountain’.

The ad begins with a regular Joe who’s lost a sock. He soon finds it under the mattress. As he runs to catch the bus, everyone around him is singing the ‘climb every mountain’ song.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain

When he gets into the office he sees a photo of a mountain. This is sort of an epiphany for him as he storms out of the office and makes his way to the mountain.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain

Almost up the mountain he fights of a yeti, who then bursts into song whilst the man makes it to the top of the mountain. The caption follows: ‘a little confidence goes a long way’.

Tada, the commercial:

There’s also a fancy follow-up advertisement that explains how nab has helped a customer climb his mountain. There’s some nice ‘un-building’ of a building in the background here whilst the voiceover prattles on and the ‘climb every mountain’ song plays remixed. The tagline follows ‘You’ve got to plan to become what you plan to become’.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain follow up

These advertisements were created by Clemenger BBDO.

There’s also a fancy website with doo-dads and things on it. Not bad nab, not bad at all.

Check it..



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  2. Susie Cole said,

    Big budget, obscure message. Who is your target market? Given consumer scepticism regarding Banks sincerity & objectives, this “a little confidence goes a long way” is a bit of a “what the????” message.
    Well done on getting them to sign off the estimate… that’s the true achievement I suspect.

  3. Adam Fields said,

    Don’t agreee with the obscure message comment – it couldn’t be any clearer. Unlike other Bank ads at least it doesn’t force feed how nice they are down your throat. It allows you to be simply inspired.

    I think it’s brilliant and it’s an ad that I would want to watch over and over again. Unlike, say 99% of them.

    Well done.

  4. jim said,

    What they didnt film was that, when he got to the top of the mountain – they charged him $5 for the privilage. LOL

    NAB and the big banks can shove it – I’ve got free banking in Aus and I ain’t paying.

  5. Benn said,

    Obscure? Personally I don’t think it’s obscure, and when you compare it with the crew that are Determined to be different, it pales in comparison on this front – and that’s a good thing, as when it comes to banking, I don’t obscurity, or the ridiculous for that fact.

    Solid work NAB, Clems, droga5.

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