September 30, 2007

Jet have audio problems playing ‘Live’ the AFL Grand Final

Posted in Network Ten at 6:13 pm by Give Me The Remote

I guess the thing about miming a performance is that although the sound is gonna be great, there is barely any margin for error if things go wrong…

.. and that’s exactly what happened during Jet’s first song on Saturday afternoon.

The boys from Dingley played a 3 song set as part of the pre-match entertainment at this year’s AFL Grand Final between the Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide Power.

Jet performing ‘live’ at the 2007 AFL Grand Final

During the beginning of their first song, ‘Rollover DJ,’ the sound was cutting out all over the place, leaving the lads bewildered and everyone watching in no doubt that the hard rocking Jet weren’t actually playing live.

Check out the embarassment:



  1. Michael Cunningham said,

    Embarrassed??? yeah whatever they have sold 3.5 million and have travelled the world playing with the stones, oasis, massive festivals those idiots!! :0 yeah im sure they care what you think, you jealous loser!! get a life.

  2. Broc said,

    Yeah you’re right it’s nothing to worry about that one of Australia’s biggest ‘bands’ use playback when playing live. And I know it may come as a bit of a shock to you that some fans out there actually care more about the bands musical ability & integrity rather than how rich they are or who they’ve played with.

    On another note I find it very ironic that the song we’re they were caught out on is about a so called ‘musician’ being nothing but a ‘pill-popping juke box’. They should re-name the song i think to ‘Rollover Fake Band’ or something…

  3. Jew said,

    They lost all of their credibility halfway through the first song in the set. It was practically a DJ spinning that song. The irony! Of course they are embarrassed. They are an embarrassment!

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