September 30, 2007

Holden Ute – Evolution ends here

Posted in Advertisements at 6:04 pm by Give Me The Remote

This is an advertisement spruiking the new verstion of the Holden Ute. This 8th generation model was unveiled in August 2007.

The advertisement shows the evolution of the Holden ute over the decades from the 1950’s to now. Fancy graphics sort of morph the surroundings and the car through time, very similarly to a recent Heineken advertisement.

Holden Ute evolving

Holden ute evolving

Aussie rockers Jet provide the backing track with their song ‘Rip It Up’.

Check out the advertisement:



  1. Andrew said,

    I love this ad…! looks awesome!!

  2. […] via Give Me The Remote […]

  3. ozjd said,

    great ad, hadn’t seen it before. Think I prefer some of the older models though.

  4. anonymous said,

    Yes, evolution ends there for Holden. Like the dinosaurs. 😀
    The petrol station prominent in the ad may give the viewer a clue as to why.

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