September 27, 2007

Dean Geyer to move into Ramsay St

Posted in Network Ten at 10:59 am by Give Me The Remote

At the Australian Idol concert at Federation Square on Wednesday, Andrew G told the crowd of adoring Idol fans that a certain Mr Dean Geyer has already signed on to appear in Neighbours in the future.

 Dean Geyer

The path to a role on Neighbours these days seems to be via a reality television show with quite a few contestants coming from previous 5 minutes of fame stints. The word is that South African born Geyer will look to relaunch his music career Delta Goodrem style after a while living in TV land.



  1. juicy lucy said,

    omg dean u are so hot
    i wont miss a night of neighbours once ur on there
    i love you so much
    i’ll see you at the veronicas concert in adelaide

  2. Dhivya said,

    Dean Geyer will be Hot on neighbours!

  3. Kelly said,

    They should get more Christian stars on that show 🙂 he he he lol. I vote Jeremy Shum or Jonathon Douglass or Jesse Mac 😉

  4. Jessica said,

    dean you are going to be the new hottie in neighbours.
    Your sooooooo hot. never eva will miss neighbours when ur on. love ya

  5. maddy said,


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