September 27, 2007

Channel 7 Perth in trouble with ACMA over Zoo commercial

Posted in Seven Network at 11:28 pm by Give Me The Remote

Channel 7 Perth have been told off by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over an incident concerning a commercial for Zoo magazine.


But ACMA did not find that the commercial breached the code, rather it was the way Channel 7 handled a consumer complaint. ACMA found that the Zoo commercial contained “no depictions of sexual behaviour or nudity and did not exceed the guidelines for PG programming.” However, Channel Seven breached clause 7.12 of the code because it “failed to advise the complainant that they may refer the matter to ACMA if not satisfied with the licensee’s response.” (I’m quoting a lot here because of the somewhat jargonistic nature of the legal stuffs)

So basically the ad was fine but Seven’s complaints handling procedure was not.

This comes after Channel 9 were caught out for a similar breach a few weeks ago. ACMA investigated a complaint levelled at Bert’s Family Feud over sexual references, but found the network to have not breached the code. However just like Seven, Nine did not follow the complaints procedure properly as spelt out in 7.12 of the code by not responding to the complaint within 30 working days or advising the complainant that they could take the issue up with ACMA.

Bert’s Family Feud

You’d think that when one network gets in trouble (Nine) that the others (Seven) would pay particular attention and make sure that they aren’t committing similar offences.

Apparently not. Serves them right.


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