September 24, 2007

How to achieve a career on television (play sport)

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So I flicked on the telly today and saw Dermott Brereton hosting a show called Commercial Breakdown. The show seemed fair enough, same old sort of recycling advertisements with cheesy liners in between. Good, usually high rating television filler – not to adventurous and relatively risk-free.

But I guess the curious thing about this television offering was the host, Mr Dermott Brereton. For those not bred on AFL football, ‘Dermie’ was a pretty legendary player for the Hawthorn Hawks throughout the 80s (and early 90s). Since his 211 game, three club, on-field career, Derm has appeared across various media, appearing on various television and radio programs, as well as writing regular sports columns for newspapers.

Dermott Brereton

This is all fairly standard stuff though. Given their insider knowledge, AFL players often go on to commentate on the game. A year or so ago, Derm started to appear on Postcards (or whatever the touristy show was) and then had a crack at ice skating on the not-so-well-rating Torvill & Dean’s ‘Dancing on Ice’. So to cut a long story short, he now appears regularly on Getaway and this new ads show. He’s made the transition now, he’s become a general media personality (no longer just the sporting shows).

So this has got me to thinking of other sportspeople who have gone on to host non-sporting related shows. One show that springs to mind is ‘What’s Good For You?’, featuring Michael Slater, Giaan Rooney and Brooke Hanson.

So there, it’s simple. Forget NIDA, forget the journalism degree. Work on your footy, or swimming or cricket even.


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