September 23, 2007

ABC3 Digital Kids Channel Coming Soon

Posted in ABC1 at 2:34 pm by Give Me The Remote

That’s right folks.. two channels is not enough for the ABC .. it’s time to introduce a third.

So basically the new channel will just have kids programming on it.. which is a pretty good idea I reckon. Programs will run from 6:00am to 9:00pm daily, giving parents more than enough relief from the little terrors. But perhaps this begs the questions, are we dumbing down our children by providing them with constant television content… whatever happened to going outside an chucking a ball around? Debate is sure to ensue.


All of a sudden it feels like the floodgates have opened and we’re getting stacks and stacks of new television stations.

I’m excited!



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  1. jim said,

    Stacks of TV channels on DTT in AUS? Have you looked at digital TV in the UK?

    As for kids not moving from the telly – that wont happen. They’ll shift when they’ll get bored. But its an excellent move to obtain a kids channel – see CBBC and Cbeebies from the BBC. I reckon the ABC will model on those.

    seriously…. LOL whoops thats 10….LOL

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