September 20, 2007

Can’t wait for ‘The Librarians’

Posted in ABC1 at 5:10 pm by Give Me The Remote

My appetite has definitely been whetted for this little series. Just looking at the cast list tells me that there’s a better than evens chance that I’m going to really dig this program.

Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Roz Hammond, Bob Franklin, Kim Gyngell, Josh Lawson. They’re some pretty credible names in the world of Australian comedy.

Cast of The Librarians
Butler, Hope, Hammond, Franklin, Gyngell and Lawson

The show’s about a conversative librarian (Butler) whose life unravels when she’s forced to employ her drug dealing, ex-best friend Christine (Hammond) at her library.

The Librarians is scheduled to begin in the last week of October as part of the ABCs now quite successful Wednesday lineup.

Meanwhile, contemporary Shaun Micallef’s new news satire series (I’m guessing The Daily Show style) – Newstopia, is set to begin Wednesday October 10 at 10pm on SBS.

Shaun Micallef
Shaun Micallef



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