September 19, 2007

Ad scheduling in Californication (take 2)

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After reading this blog post about the amount of advertisements in this weeks episode of Californication, I decided to go back to the tape and see how this week’s (episode 4) scheduling compared with week 1.

Okay, so this was week 1:

 Californication Ad Spread

The actual program segments are coloured in red, whilst the ad breaks are the little black wedges (the show had a duration of 40 minutes). As you can see, about 7-8 minutes or so of advertising – the first three breaks are barely even there.

Now for this week’s (ep 4):

Californication week 4

Yup.. the black wedges have got decidedly bigger. You’re (hopefully) hooked into the program by now and so the advertisements come thick and fast. It’s pretty much about double the amount of commercials that were in episode 1.


Oh yeah.. and while I’m on the subject of commercial breaks.. how excruciatingly annoying is that ad that says ‘Don’t go anywhere.. this program will be back in 60 seconds.’ If they cut out that little annoying clip then the break would be 10 seconds quicker!


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