September 14, 2007

Andrew O’Keefe, Jennifer Hawkins to Nine?

Posted in Seven Network at 3:02 pm by Give Me The Remote

A couple of interesting reports in Sydney Confidential (The Daily Telegraph) recently about two of the Seven networks bigger stars possibly on the move.

It’s been reported that O’Keefe is apparently not so happy about his talk show not getting up and may be willing to move networks to make it happen. This would be really great news for Nine, O’Keefe is possibly Seven biggest name and best talent. Deal or No Deal would probably really struggle without him and I imagine may even be canned as a result. Strategically this would be a massive boost for Channel Nine who have struggled for a couple of years now with its National Nine News lead-in programs.

 Andrew O’Keefe

Ex-Miss Universe is looking for less powder puff bikini travel show roles and could possibly move to Nine if they were to offer her something that perhaps focuses a little bit more on her personality. An outcome is expected as early as next week on this one.

Jennifer Hawkins
Photo: Vince Caligiuri

I’d say that these two are bit too important for Channel 7 to lose. I reckon they’ll put out all stops to prevent them defecting to the enemy.


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