September 11, 2007

i-caught a load of garbage

Posted in Nine Network at 1:52 am by Give Me The Remote

This new channel 9 program called ‘i-caught’ premiered Monday night in the prime slot of 7:30pm. As seems to be the way with anything to do with technology today, the letter ‘i’ is added to the title to indicate its electronic content. It’s not a very original name, but that’s not channel 9’s fault – they didn’t name it. In fact they didn’t make the program, it comes straight from ABC in the United States.


The program overall isn’t particularly inventive. Basically the producers scour youTube for clips, find the clip creators, interview them and get nice broadcast quality footage of the video to show. So it’s basically youTube on the telly – better quality, but the clips are chosen for you (and don’t forget all the advertisements).

I read an article on the web today that believes that this program is targeting the internet generation away from their computer screens. I disagree, I would definitely say that this program appeals to the non-computer generation, e.g. older folks, kids and just people that don’t really use the internet. One of the great things about computers and the internet is the interactivitiy and choice available to the user, whereas the TV is one-way communication.

So from my point of view (and I’d say yours if you know how to read a blog) this show is a waste of time. I lasted through 45 minutes of it, and I feel that it was at least 30 minutes wasted. Way too much boring padding and stupid clips. Of all the really great, funny, memorable clips that are on youTube, the producers have chosen clips that are more sort of ‘educational’ or informative. For example, they reported on ‘bait cars’ (look it up it’s not that exciting) rather than showing us cute animals doing really silly stuff.

What i-caught should have been

And it just seemed to drag and drag.. I was waiting for some good clips that made me laugh (funniest home video style) and all I got was padding and interviews and things that I can’t remember because they were so unmemorable.

Give us a break. There’s much better programs to be broadcast. Take a risk, don’t be so boring.


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