September 11, 2007

Another great episode of ACA (complete with Chaser story)

Posted in Nine Network at 9:50 pm by Give Me The Remote

It was just another regular episode of A Current Affair – regular sort of ridiculous stories. But there were a couple of things today that caught my eye and made me laugh…

Karl opens up the program with this:

Karl Stefanovic on ACA

“Tonight (I’m) filling in for Tracy Grimshaw who’s fighting the devestation of the horse flu virus first-hand.”


Karl Stefanovic crossing live to Tracy Grimshaw

Oooh.. it’s not her. She owns horses apparently.

But the real gem from this episode was Peter Stefanovic’s (Karl’s brother) report on the insensitivity of the Chaser team using Osama Bin Ladin in its comedy. The real gold came when Peter somewhat bombarded Chaser team member Craig Reucassel in the street to ask him about the issue. It really showed off Craig’s quick wittedness.. and he even cracked a pretty good joke at the end..

Check it out:

Aaah where would we be without A Current Affair. It just completes the day doesn’t it?


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