September 9, 2007

TAC Ad urges drivers to ‘Take a damn good look at yourself’

Posted in Advertisements at 5:25 pm by Give Me The Remote

The Victorian TAC (Transport Accident Commission) last week released a new advertising campaign focusing on drivers’ egos.

The campaign is based on Sweeney research that has revealed that 70% of motorists believe that they are above average drivers, whilst 89% admit they exceed the speed limit at least some of the time.

TAC Advertisement

Victorian Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas said that “Many Victorians understand the ramifications of speed but there are still drivers who continue to speed and make excuses to justify their behaviour.”

TAC Advertisement

The advertisement consists of a man driving whilst his alter ego (the same guy) sits in the back having a dig at the driver’s ego everytime he does something egocentric. Eventually the driver crashes and trying to justify his actions to his alter ego, the ego responds “Just take a damn good look at yourself.”

Check it out:


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  1. I really dig this ad. Mostly because I think the actor in it has an interesting face.

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