September 7, 2007

Networks changing program timeslots

Posted in Seven Network at 12:11 pm by Give Me The Remote

Changing the broadcast times of programs mid-series is nothing really that new. It’s sensible. If a program isn’t working in a prime timeslot then it either gets bumped to a lesser spot, graveyarded, or chucked altogether.

The latest show movement that has caught my attention is the new channel 7 itv series ‘The Time of Your Life’. There’s only 8 episodes in this quirky drama/thriller but already after 2 episodes its timeslot has been changed. This would be fine if it had changed to a time later in the week, because having tuned in at the wrong time, one could investigate where the program has moved to. In this case, the program was shown earlier in the week. So regular viewers tuning in on Thursday night will have missed episode 3 (thats 1/8 of the series), which was actually screened late on Tuesday night.

The Time Of Your Life

Thanks channel 7. Perhaps provide a little bit more press when changing timeslots (especially to earlier ones) in the future.


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