September 6, 2007

Chaser stars arrested for APEC stunt

Posted in ABC1 at 3:44 pm by Give Me The Remote

Shocking news! Okay maybe not. We all knew it was going to happen.. and now it has. The Chaser team have pulled their big APEC stunt and surprise surprise, they’ve been arrested for it.

The Chaser

The lads pulled a stunt where they created a fake motorcade of three cars that actually got through two checkpoints in the ‘red’ zone. Apparently they got ‘reasonably’ close to Mr Bush.

Eleven crew members were detained, including on air talent Julian Morrow and Chas Licciardello (generally considered the more riskier fellows on the show I’d reckon).

Chas Licciardello & Julian Morrow
Chas Licciardello & Julian Morrow

This is going to cause extreme headaches for the ABC legal team, but I’m sure they knew something big was coming. The show thrives on these sorts of shock stunts and I’d say that Australia would have been disappointed if they didn’t try something big.

This isn’t the only APEC stunt that the lads have pulled – yesterday Chris Taylor pretended to be a mounted policeman .. using a pantomime horse (due to the equine influenza).




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