September 3, 2007

Channel 7 says ‘No’ to Late Night O’Keefe

Posted in Seven Network at 5:56 pm by Give Me The Remote

After filming a couple of successful pilots earlier this year, Channel 7 have surprisingly put to bed Andrew O’Keefe’s planned twice weekly tonight show. The host had even begun to reveal details of the show last month under the impression that it was likely to go ahead.

O’Keefe, one of Seven’s brightest talents has been the successful anchor for both Deal or No Deal and The Rich List game shows as well as host of Weekend Sunrise and occasional stints such as Logies and Good Friday Appeals.

He seemed to be Seven’s giant-killer (read: Nine-slayer) and it almost seemed as though the network would trust him with anything!

Logies 2005 hosting team
Logies 2005 – Andrew O’Keefe, Rove McManus & Eddie McGuire

But alas, channel 7 have decided that it is not in keeping with where the network is headed. Where is the network headed? More Dancing with the Stars? Maybeee… steal some more shows from ABC? Or is there new technique just to swap all their programming around so nobody knows what’s on when? (Bruce Almighty?)

I imagine that this will bruise Mr O’Keefe’s ego a little, but I’m sure Channel 7 will have him hosting some other silly little puff that seems to outrate anything of any substance.

Andrew O’Keefe

Read the full story here..


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