September 2, 2007

The Shambles taking over breakfast – one week only!

Posted in Channel 31 at 9:41 pm by Give Me The Remote

‘The Breakfast Show’ is not the most creative name for a breakfast show. But then again, it’s not much worse than ‘Today’ or ‘Sunrise’. At least you know exactly what the show is about from just reading its title (channel 31 shows don’t get a synopsis in the TV guide). Let’s give the Breakfast Show the benefit of the doubt and say that theywere being deliberately ironic. That they are simply pointing out to the community television watching public that television show names are stupid. We’ll stick with that explanation.

The show, hosted by the ever amiable Emma Race and comedians Declan Fay (heard on Triple J) and Justin Kennedy (he was the agro guy in the Hairhouse Wearhouse ad), provides an excellent alternative to the commercial mobs, and it only goes for an hour so you can still watch the other boring ones if you want.

The Breakfast Show - Justin, Emma and Declan

But this week the show is a little different. Emma and her team are taking a week off to attend the APEC meeting and replacing them for the duration will be three young blokes named Sos, Valvo and Lynchy, otherwise known as The Shambles.

The Shambles is one of channel 31’s most popular shows.. it was even nominated for an ARIA last year (but they’re not a band, go figure?). They’ve produced three series of, perhaps slightly derivative but still very funny, comedy and have a large following of young ladies who would have waited at their stage door after their comedy festival shows this year.

The Shambles - Sos, Lynchy and Valvo

The thing is, they’re very witty boys and perfectly suited to the live atmosphere. They obviously have a stack of fun when they’re together on television, which is a lot more than can be said about the often stunted conversation seen on Today or Sunrise.

Definitely give it a chance. It mightn’t be as slickly produced, they mightn’t have a nice ticker or CNN footage at their disposal, but it’ll put you in a better mood whilst you eat your weeties than serious Karl or dad-of-the-year Kochie would.

I’d post a website link to The Breakfast Show but it’s all out of date anyway. Instead, here’s a video from The Shambles:

Shambles take over from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th September – 7:30 – 8:30am on Channel 31.


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