September 1, 2007

The Bazura Project (it’s a movie show)

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Haven’t heard of a show called The Bazura Project? That’s probably because it’s hidden away at UHF31 (or possibly 64). That’s right, channel 31. The community television station with poor reception and variable audio levels – but that’s due to budget.

I’ve caught a few episodes of this production curiously titled The Bazura Project (don’t worry the title is as much of a mystery to me as it probably is to you) and I gotta say, it’s great.

The Bazura Project

The real standouts of this show are the opening scenes that often imitate/parody famous movie scenes/ideas. This week’s intro was a take on Back to the Future, with Lee and Shannon (the hosts.. duh) travelling back into the past in their very own De Lorean. Something appears to have gone wrong and the gents must check through all their previous opening sketches to find the problem.

Shannon (Doc) and Lee (Marty)

The clever stuff happens when they run into the past versions of themselves acting in the sketches. From these meetings, it is obvious that this final opening was planned before any of the other sketches were filmed. For example, in a previous episode opening, Lee is dancing on the dock when he bumps into some stranger whom we don’t get a good look at and dismiss as nobody in particular. In this final opening we see the confrontation from the stranger’s point of view – it’s future Shannon.

Who is that Stranger?
Who is the stranger?

It’s future Shannon
It’s future Shannon!

The graphics in this opening sketch are great, there’s fire on the road as the De Lorean zooms into the past and even sparks flying around it in the air. This editing coupled with witty storylines and a some nice comic timing make The Bazura Project a highly entertaining watch. There’s obviously a stack of talent associated with this show.

Back to the Future

I know it’s a bit silly to talk up a show after the series has ended.. but there will be more – series 3 awaits.

Check out season 2 final opening sequence:

You can watch every segment/episode of The Bazura Project or find out more information about the show at:



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  2. Best show on the telly tubes!

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