September 30, 2007

Jet have audio problems playing ‘Live’ the AFL Grand Final

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I guess the thing about miming a performance is that although the sound is gonna be great, there is barely any margin for error if things go wrong…

.. and that’s exactly what happened during Jet’s first song on Saturday afternoon.

The boys from Dingley played a 3 song set as part of the pre-match entertainment at this year’s AFL Grand Final between the Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide Power.

Jet performing ‘live’ at the 2007 AFL Grand Final

During the beginning of their first song, ‘Rollover DJ,’ the sound was cutting out all over the place, leaving the lads bewildered and everyone watching in no doubt that the hard rocking Jet weren’t actually playing live.

Check out the embarassment:


Holden Ute – Evolution ends here

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This is an advertisement spruiking the new verstion of the Holden Ute. This 8th generation model was unveiled in August 2007.

The advertisement shows the evolution of the Holden ute over the decades from the 1950’s to now. Fancy graphics sort of morph the surroundings and the car through time, very similarly to a recent Heineken advertisement.

Holden Ute evolving

Holden ute evolving

Aussie rockers Jet provide the backing track with their song ‘Rip It Up’.

Check out the advertisement:

nab – climb EV’RY MOUNTAIN campaign

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nab (National Australia Bank) has begun this sort of uplifting, motivational campaign which encourages you to ‘climb every mountain’.

The ad begins with a regular Joe who’s lost a sock. He soon finds it under the mattress. As he runs to catch the bus, everyone around him is singing the ‘climb every mountain’ song.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain

When he gets into the office he sees a photo of a mountain. This is sort of an epiphany for him as he storms out of the office and makes his way to the mountain.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain

Almost up the mountain he fights of a yeti, who then bursts into song whilst the man makes it to the top of the mountain. The caption follows: ‘a little confidence goes a long way’.

Tada, the commercial:

There’s also a fancy follow-up advertisement that explains how nab has helped a customer climb his mountain. There’s some nice ‘un-building’ of a building in the background here whilst the voiceover prattles on and the ‘climb every mountain’ song plays remixed. The tagline follows ‘You’ve got to plan to become what you plan to become’.

nab - climb ev’ry mountain follow up

These advertisements were created by Clemenger BBDO.

There’s also a fancy website with doo-dads and things on it. Not bad nab, not bad at all.

Check it..

September 28, 2007

Nine to rest 1 vs 100 for now

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After a promising start, the new hasn’t really been that great for 1 vs 100.. it’s ratings are continuing to fall and after this week figure of 798,000 it’s been decided that the program will have a rest after next week’s episode.

1 vs 100

1 vs 100 has copped a bit of a hiding from newcomer City Homicide on Channel 7, which just goes to show that a new Australian drama series can be a top performer.

But Eddie fans don’t despair, his Who Wants To Be A Millionaire format will be back before you know it (a couple of weeks) in the Temptation slot.

I’m going to miss Ed & Livinia.

September 27, 2007

Channel 7 Perth in trouble with ACMA over Zoo commercial

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Channel 7 Perth have been told off by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over an incident concerning a commercial for Zoo magazine.


But ACMA did not find that the commercial breached the code, rather it was the way Channel 7 handled a consumer complaint. ACMA found that the Zoo commercial contained “no depictions of sexual behaviour or nudity and did not exceed the guidelines for PG programming.” However, Channel Seven breached clause 7.12 of the code because it “failed to advise the complainant that they may refer the matter to ACMA if not satisfied with the licensee’s response.” (I’m quoting a lot here because of the somewhat jargonistic nature of the legal stuffs)

So basically the ad was fine but Seven’s complaints handling procedure was not.

This comes after Channel 9 were caught out for a similar breach a few weeks ago. ACMA investigated a complaint levelled at Bert’s Family Feud over sexual references, but found the network to have not breached the code. However just like Seven, Nine did not follow the complaints procedure properly as spelt out in 7.12 of the code by not responding to the complaint within 30 working days or advising the complainant that they could take the issue up with ACMA.

Bert’s Family Feud

You’d think that when one network gets in trouble (Nine) that the others (Seven) would pay particular attention and make sure that they aren’t committing similar offences.

Apparently not. Serves them right.

Dean Geyer to move into Ramsay St

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At the Australian Idol concert at Federation Square on Wednesday, Andrew G told the crowd of adoring Idol fans that a certain Mr Dean Geyer has already signed on to appear in Neighbours in the future.

 Dean Geyer

The path to a role on Neighbours these days seems to be via a reality television show with quite a few contestants coming from previous 5 minutes of fame stints. The word is that South African born Geyer will look to relaunch his music career Delta Goodrem style after a while living in TV land.

Nine to launch HD channel first

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Well, their announcement has come last, but Channel 9 have declared that they will be the first of the commercial networks to debut a 2nd channel when they launch their HD channel in November.

At this stage of the year, having lost the 2007 ratings already, Nine are definitely focusing more on long-term strategy and doing a lot of the legwork in programming that will hopefully hold them in good stead to assault the audience of 2008.

However, Nine still have quite a few decent programs coming to screens before the end of the year, including: Cashmere Mafia (sex and the city style), Viva Laughlin, Big Shots and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator spinoff).

Cashmere Mafia
The cast of Cashmere Mafia, including Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto.

Source: Herald Sun

September 26, 2007

Kate Ritchie has had enough of Home and Away

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Well that makes two of us (but that’s not the point of this post).

After 20 years on the show since its pilot in 1987, Kate Ritchie, the actor who plays Sally Fletcher has decided that there is more to life than Home and Away.

Kate Ritchie

Lately Ritchie has been quite busy with other media commitments including co-hosting It Takes Two (she wasn’t brilliant) and on Nova radio’s drive program with Akmal

A Gold Logie winner, Ritchie is mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records with co-star Ray Meagher for the longest running characters in an Australian television drama (no, she can’t juggle ten balls with her mouth whilst unicycling on a tight rope and knitting a woolly jumper).

Kate said today: “I have been blessed with a job that I have loved for the past 20 years and I wouldn’t take back one moment of my time on Home And Away but I feel that it is time for change.”

Miss Sally will finish recording mid-December with her last episode to air next April.


September 25, 2007

Legendary Moments – Brownlow Edition

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As part of this years Brownlow telecast, Stephen Curry and Dave Lawson of the Toyota ads fame (see Francis Bourke ad here) did a little ‘bit’ showing some not-so-legendary moments.

Moments shown include: Dermott Brereton showing some love, Malcolm Blight sealing a nice point and James Hird bench pressing his kids.


September 24, 2007

How to achieve a career on television (play sport)

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So I flicked on the telly today and saw Dermott Brereton hosting a show called Commercial Breakdown. The show seemed fair enough, same old sort of recycling advertisements with cheesy liners in between. Good, usually high rating television filler – not to adventurous and relatively risk-free.

But I guess the curious thing about this television offering was the host, Mr Dermott Brereton. For those not bred on AFL football, ‘Dermie’ was a pretty legendary player for the Hawthorn Hawks throughout the 80s (and early 90s). Since his 211 game, three club, on-field career, Derm has appeared across various media, appearing on various television and radio programs, as well as writing regular sports columns for newspapers.

Dermott Brereton

This is all fairly standard stuff though. Given their insider knowledge, AFL players often go on to commentate on the game. A year or so ago, Derm started to appear on Postcards (or whatever the touristy show was) and then had a crack at ice skating on the not-so-well-rating Torvill & Dean’s ‘Dancing on Ice’. So to cut a long story short, he now appears regularly on Getaway and this new ads show. He’s made the transition now, he’s become a general media personality (no longer just the sporting shows).

So this has got me to thinking of other sportspeople who have gone on to host non-sporting related shows. One show that springs to mind is ‘What’s Good For You?’, featuring Michael Slater, Giaan Rooney and Brooke Hanson.

So there, it’s simple. Forget NIDA, forget the journalism degree. Work on your footy, or swimming or cricket even.

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