August 30, 2007

ABC and SBS to merge?

Posted in ABC1, SBS one at 3:31 pm by Give Me The Remote

So there has been talk again lately about the viability of such a venture which would see the ABC swallow up SBS. Speaking at the National Press Club, SBS managing director Shaun Brown has said that should the station not receive an increase in funding, then future government’s may be tempted to make SBS merely a side service of the ABC.

SBS Managing Director, Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown

“Really, the only rationale for putting SBS inside the ABC would be to achieve commercialisation of the ABC by stealth – a sort of Trojan Horse,” said Mr Brown.


SBS has certainly been in the wars a bit lately thanks to their more ‘commercial’ strategy. A shift in programming and 5 minutes of ads per 30 minutes have seen the network cop criticism from all angles. But what choice do they have? They must remain viable.


It would be a tragedy if the ABC and SBS were to merge. They are complete separate entities and it is their independence from the commercial networks (and each other) that is at the very core of their being.

Election promises? I’m sure the SBS would like some.

Read the full article here..


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