August 29, 2007

The Mint is stingier than Quizmania

Posted in Nine Network at 3:19 pm by Give Me The Remote

So the other night I had the telly on and saw The Mint for the first time. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s pretty much Quizmania with a new set, new hosts, new graphics and new games. But it’s all the same – they take a call every few minutes to win some silly game. I guess quizmania couldn’t survive in its current format after the departure of the fabulous Nikki Osborne – she’s wasted on The Nation at the moment.

Nikki on Quizmania

But the main change I noticed between the old Quizmania and this new Mint was the distinct decrease in the amount of cash given away. The first game, some counting squares things, last for about half an hour I think when they ended the thing and revealed the answer. The second game was some word thing where there are 4 words, each with a letter missing and the four missing letters make up another word. So there were dozens of possible answers to this game and after just under 2 and a half hours or 10 guesses (okay maybe a few more) they revealed the answer with again no winner. So with 15 minutes left and no money given away all night they had a little $300 gimme game that the first caller answered correctly.

The Mint cast

They also have a jackpot round with about 30 grand up for grabs. To win the big bucks, you have to first win one of the regular games and then crack the 3 digit safe code. As you can easily work out, the odds of this are slims, cracking a 3 digit code has odds of 1/1000 or .001. Although I haven’t actually seen anyone have a crack at it so I’m guessing the odds are considerably lessened if the code remains the same until it goes off.

So that’s The Mint (with Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills nee Hilton et al). Quizmania was better (especially with Nikki) but even that was really a case of the lesser of two evils.

In summation, don’t bother.



  1. Nikki is a babe.

    Millsy is terribly difficult to watch.

  2. john said,

    hi im 10 but i still watch the show. i always guess the right thing but im not aloud to ring. the voult iz hard 2 guess. my favourite person iz daniel

  3. someguy said,

    john, your a fag

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