August 21, 2007

Is Thank God You’re Here really 1.87m good?

Posted in Network Ten at 3:41 pm by Give Me The Remote

In other news Channel 10 had the number 1 program last week (12/08/07 – 18/0807) with Thank God You’re Here, reaching out to 1.87 million Aussie telly watchers. 1.87 million!!

Thank God You’re Here

It bewilders me how this program has become so popular. The format is ever so basic and undergraduate, and it is often a train wreck (read: boring). Yes I can see that some of the fun and charm of the program is watching contestants some of the slower witted ‘celebrities’ almost die on stage. I can also see that at times some of the celebs can produce some moments of comedy silver.

The show isn’t terrible.. by no means is it terrible. But it’s not 1.87 million good. You probably heard all the press last year about how they’ve sold the concept to a few countries. The United States aired the first two episodes of its own version in early April and 7 episodes (and moved timeslot) later the program was cancelled Surprising? Not really.

Maybe this says more about the standard of Australian programs than anything else. Our comedy series (some are quite good) are lucky to last out a season (unless they’re on ABC) yet put a celebrity on a reality program (let’s call it comedy) and its a ratings smash.

Speaking of comedy ratings smashes – Kath & Kim will be this weeks #1 program. I’m not a massive fan of this program.. but I’m willing to accept the merits in the writing of this program and the performances by the now ‘all star’ Aussie cast.


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