August 18, 2007

Some things never change…

Posted in Advertisements at 3:12 pm by Give Me The Remote

This advertisement for Heinz Baked Beanz is just a little bit wrong, but it gives me a good laugh everytime that I see it.

It’s based upon the recurring worldwide Heinz slogan that ‘Some things never change’ that has been used in a number of ads thus far.

So these two random guys are in a supermarket aisle when one recognises the other. It turns out that the guy on the left, or ‘Christine’ used to go to the same high school as guy on the right ‘Ryan’.

Heinz Baked Beanz 1

Ryan then has a flash back to his high school days with Christine, who was perhaps a little different looking back then (more like you’d expect a ‘Christine’ to look like?).

Heinz Baked Beanz 2

Cut back to a shocked Ryan who, struggling for words, says ‘I see you still like your baked beanz.’ Christine replies, wait for it.. ‘Some things never change eh?’

Heinz Baked Beanz 3

Look, you’re just going to have to watch it to get the full effect. I definitely recommend that you do:


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