August 16, 2007

WIN TV gives Channel 9 some headaches

Posted in Nine Network at 8:14 pm by Give Me The Remote

Interesting developments today with WIN Television dumping Kerri-Anne’s morning program in favour of its own regional chat program called ‘Susie’.

Mornings with Kerri-Anne  Susie

This is not good news for 9 who have sold advertorials on KAK’s show to businesses on the understanding that the show is broadcast all over the country.

WIN TV will also replace the last half hour of the Today show, ‘Fresh’, and the morning news with ‘Ellen’ and a local kids show ‘The Music Shop’. Antiques Roadshow had also recently been replaced with The Brady Bunch.

It is understood that there are discrepancies between the amount of WIN’s gross advertising revenue that they are prepared to hand over to 9.



This doesn’t help Mornings with Kerri-Anne at all, who were already in trouble after losing serious numbers to 7’s new morning program. Her days may be numbered…

If worse comes to worst with WIN and 9 relations, WIN could actually source its own programs and be run totally independently of 9. However, this wouldn’t be a good outcome for either WIN or 9 – it’s definitely in the interest of both parties to sort this one out.


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